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This is a Special Live Transmission Going over the Energies of This 2021 Lions Gate Portal along with guidance on ways to best harmonize with and utilize these energies and opportunities, to align with your highest and best timeline. Possible Topics:

Collective Energy Dynamics and Themes

The Role Of Trauma / Lower Timeline Shadow Clearing

Sophia Christ Consciousness Evolution

Light Body Evolution (Merkaba, Energy Templates, Energy Body Architechture)

Ascension Timeline Dynamics

5D+ Navigation

Celestial / Cosmic Shift


The Live Event will Begin around **** 11:11 AM EST AUGUST 5th 2021**** as the Moon Begins its Conjunction with Sirius As the Moon Delivers a New Energetic Seed Leading Up to the Coming Leo New Moon


Awakening Of Sophias Heart: Lion Gate 2021 Portal Special Transmission

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