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Activate and Master Your Gifts



Yeah... WE DO THAT......

Imagine if healing, coaching, guidance, therapy, sacred medicine, and support were all rolled into one and personalized and attuned to your needs and to meet you exactly where you are at in your souls unique journey? 

I want you to sit with that for a moment. How would that feel for you in your body? In your heart? 

To be seen, felt, and heard on such a deep level. Would'nt that be incredible? 

Now I want you to tune into some of the current challenges or blocks you are facing in your life, whatever they are....

Relationships, Time, Money, Spiritual, Emotional.... 

Maybe you don't even have any notable challanges, but you have some desires, or soul yearnings..... What are those? 

We could list so many potentials here... But we won't, because YOU and YOURS are unique, just yours... and should be treated that way.

If you are here you likely have already tried many things on your own to accomplish these things, but now you are seeking support. That's a big step! We honor you. We see you and we are here for you. 

Now I want you to do your best to feel into a future life of yours, free of those challenges, or connected to those soul yearnings....

What if there is someone with highly specialized psychic intuitive gifts to attune to the root causes of those challenges or blocks, and blind spots often hidden deep within your subconscious and nervous system that one otherwise may never see or get too, combined with gifts and mastery to remove those challenges and blocks... 

What if we could also connect to the life and version of you your souls desires and yearnings. All in a way that is uniquely designed and customized to support you....

To top it all off, we also give you the things you need to begin doing these things for your self... (only if and when you are feeling ready...) 

Yeah.... We do that..... 



These are some of the core elements of our process and patheway

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Trauma, Programming, Conditioning : 

Childhood, Societal, Past Life, Ancestral / Generational, Abuse, Religious, Systemic, Somatic, Emotional, Archonic, Spiritual, Psychic,  Interdimensional / Extraterrestrial 

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Hamonize & Attune

We re-imprint and re-connect you to the new highest and best version of you and your life and its all it potential to fully thrive. 

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We re-pattern the nervous system, DNA, Cells, Source Connection, and Bioenergetic Fields, unique and original to you,  so you can be reborn as your highest and best self, 

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Integrate & Align

As you meet every day experices as this new you, integration is key to ensure all of you really begins to land and settle in the fullness of its fresh potentials. We provide support and tools. 

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Embody & Co-Create

Tips, Support, Tools and Guidance for all of this landing and settling somatically, and and how this new you will operate on a daily level co-creating from a place of thriving. 


Personalized 3-6 month Guidance and Support Packages



  • Regular Customized 1:1 Sessions

  • Regular Embodiment 1:1 Calls  ( Processing / Learning / Integration )

  • Ongoing 1:1 Telegram / Text support 

  • Private Telegram Group and Page For Support / Chat / Updates

  • INRSTELR RE:SOURCE PORTAL : A Growing Members Only Online Library Of Original Inrstelr Practices, Guided Meditations, Podcasts, and Other Media) 

  • First / Early Access To Books, Retreats, Events, Music as released 

NOTE: All Organic Co-Creation Is Organic, If this container doesnt resonate, lets chat, I'm always open to personalize something that feels great for everyone....


Embodied Soul Pathway Participants get free access during their joruney to the RE:SOURCE Portal 

an online multimedia library with lifetimes of distilled and highly effective spiritual technologies, education and entertainment. 


"This week after my session felt very profound for me.I reached out many times for your support and felt your loving presence....I have been in a more observant space with my reactions and emotions. I have felt a significant shift within me, but I am not quiet sure how to articulate it... I'm very grateful for this work with you. "


"This work is incredible. I cant thank you enough for being willing to do this level of work with someone whose only obvious connection to you came from fb, of all places. I grok that the key work would be done without sharing "the clear light of awareness," but everything you said feels vital to the next step in my journey. Alchemical surgery is a phrase that comes to mind."


“If you are unsure about working with Inrstelr I say do it ! You owe it to yourself, even if you’re not sure where to start, he can help you.As a person who has struggled with a lot of anger and pain, he was able to help me understand it and release it. My entire life has improved, and most importantly, I feel better. I have healed so much . My anxiety and depression are gone. I am and will always be grateful for his guidance and support.”

Michael Inrstelr

Doctor of Bioenrgetic Medicine and Bioregenisis

Like many my psychic intuitive gifts were there from birth, but due to life circumstanes, trauma, and conditioning I shut them down. I spent my life studying music and most of the worlds spiritual traditions, healing systems and traditions. In 2012 I had a major Kundalini awakening, a series of powerful initiations with many masters of many healing traditions and spiritual paths accelerated.  After a number of near death experiences my gifts were reawakened and I was guided to share them with the world and begin working with people one on one, with couples, familes and groups. 

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