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Relationships, weather they be lovers (especially lovers), parent children, or friends and family, have their own life, their own energy field, their own intelligence. Like a garden grown together between two people. There can be many dynamic forces at play in these relationships, ancestral karma / baggage that comes in even before a relationship begins, contracts, agreements, chords, narcissistic / empath dynamics. These can lead to other things, situations where things go left unsaid can build resentment, these types of things are wounds that when left untreated can create blocks and cause issues in connection.  These sessions are for two people, if is a child / parent, the child need not be present, but permission must be given by anyone involved.

In the sessions I will open a sacred ceremonial circle. From there we will open a dialogue. As you speak, your Soul grid opens up. I follow the frequencies of your voice into the Energy Grids where your higherselves and guides present me with what is being called to be shifted for you at this time always re-aligning with whats in the best for your unique highest organic timeline and template.

These shifts can include

* Better Connection

* Clearing Ancestral Trauma, Agreements, Contracts, Chords

* Clearing Trauma Loops / Patterns
* Clearing Of Emotional Disturbances

* Guidance From Cosmic, Ancestral Or Angelic Realms

* Contact with ancestors, galactic family, or future children in relationships
* Clearing of Psychic Disturbances

* Re-alignment of Imbalances
* Removal of Spiritual “attacks”

   other Psychospirtual Entities

* Shifting Money Issues

* "Karmic" Patterns

* Repeated Relationship Issues

* Many more...

Coding and Templates sourced in Original Krystic Divine Organic Blueprint 


Sessions are offered in Packages to allow for a more total and complete process of integration and embodiment. Although each personal call is an average of an hour, Energetically Speaking we will be working together for 4 days after each call, so sessions must allow for at least 4 days in between for integration. 

(Please feel free to speak with me for Personalized Options, Payment Plans or Packages) 


Each session is 1 hr average allow 2 hours of space in your schedule for integration per session



US+1 Eight28- Four24-6241


Melissa Rodreguiz

"This week after my session felt very profound for me.I reached out many times for your support and felt your loving presence....I have been in a more observant space with my reactions and emotions. I have felt a significant shift within me, but I am not quiet sure how to articulate it... I'm very grateful for this work with you. "


Amber Melendy

"I had a session with Thomas last month that was so incredibly potent and supportive to shifting some of my shadow patterns and supporting the neuropathways to greater freedom in my life. His ability to synthesize the codes with his intuition was deeply effective.

I highly recommend his work if anyone is in need of deep cleaning medicine soul work!

We are all in need of this right now!"

Volney Fitzgerald

"This work is incredible. I cant thank you enough for being willing to do this level of work with someone whose only obvious connection to you came from fb, of all places. I grok that the key work would be done without sharing "the clear light of awareness," but everything you said feels vital to the next step in my journey. Alchemical surgery is a phrase that comes to mind."



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