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Did you know we have blueprints and templates for our psyche and spiritual selves too?

Just getting started on your spiritual journey?
Or deeply advanced and embodied on your path.....
Or somewhere in between....

No matter what phase you are on your multidimensional journey we all reach places where we get stuck, or can use the assistance of an expert in seeing and and aligning to the highest and best version of ourselves.

Everyone loves a good DIY spiritual home remodeling....
But sometimes we want to consult and hire experts when we want to build a new house or remodel....



Entry Level Sessions


  • Nervous System Rewiring 

  • Attunement to Inner Source 

  • Higher Self / Multidimensional Integration 

  • Psychic Intuitive Clearing of Unseen Subconscious Influences

  • Divine Authentic Self Embodiment  

  • Clearing the Roots of Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Blocks (often the roots of “Physical” issues as well


  • Spiritual Sight and Sense Attunement 

  • Inner Child Work 

  • True Divine masculine, divine feminine alignment and activation

  • Family and Society Deprogramming 

  • Clearing and Realignment of Trauma / Pain body 

  • Clearing and realignment from Narcissist/ Empath relationship issues

  • Freedom From Unhealthy Trauma and Life Pattern Loops 


Advanced Sessions 


  •  Energy body, Light body, Electromagnetic Body, and auric field activations, clearings of blockages

  •  Reconnection with Godsource

  •  Clearing blocks from Spiritual Gifts

  •  Chakra and energy center clearing, alignment, balancing

  •  Shamanic soul retrieval

  •  Advanced psychic surgery

  •  Light worker, starseed, indigo, empath, mission activation and alignment

  •  Clearing and realignment from Narcissist/ Empath relationship issues

  •  Matrix de programming

  •  Past relationship chord disentanglement

  •  Ancestral contract clearing

  •  True Divine masculine, divine feminine alignment and activation

  •  Energetic Implant removal

  •  Spirit and soul alignment

  •  Twin flame contract and karmic clearing and realignment to true divine union

  •  Clearing trauma, programming and conditioning from this and other lifetimes

  •  Krystalline DNA upgrades ( from 2 - 48 strand alignment and coding)

  •  5D plus clearing and alignment to original divine organic blueprint - personal, soul, archetype, galactic lineages, Cosmic / godrealms clearing and alignments

Coding and Templates sourced in Original Krystic Divine Organic Blueprint 


Sessions are offered in Packages to allow for a more total and complete process of integration and embodiment. Although each personal call is an average of an hour, Energetically Speaking we will be working together for 4 days after each call, so sessions must allow for at least 4 days in between for integration. 

(Please feel free to speak with me for Personalized Options, Payment Plans or Packages) 


Each session is 1 hr average allow 2 hours of space in your schedule for integration per session


Melissa Rodreguiz

"This week after my session felt very profound for me.I reached out many times for your support and felt your loving presence....I have been in a more observant space with my reactions and emotions. I have felt a significant shift within me, but I am not quiet sure how to articulate it... I'm very grateful for this work with you. "


Amber Melendy

"I had a session with Thomas last month that was so incredibly potent and supportive to shifting some of my shadow patterns and supporting the neuropathways to greater freedom in my life. His ability to synthesize the codes with his intuition was deeply effective.

I highly recommend his work if anyone is in need of deep cleaning medicine soul work!

We are all in need of this right now!"

Volney Fitzgerald

"This work is incredible. I cant thank you enough for being willing to do this level of work with someone whose only obvious connection to you came from fb, of all places. I grok that the key work would be done without sharing "the clear light of awareness," but everything you said feels vital to the next step in my journey. Alchemical surgery is a phrase that comes to mind."



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