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The Sacred Element

Restoring Sacred Relationship within Communities, Organizations and All of Life

"The number one root cause of the lack of success in intentional communities, organizations and families is not a lack of resources, talent, skills, or even leadership. You know what it is? It's because the people cant get along..." 

Michael Inrstelr

Then why cant the people get along?

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Create A Thriving Relational Permaculture

Are you a member of an Intentional Community, Organization or Family that wants to help ensure its Thriving Success?

Just a Few Benefits of "The Sacred Element : 

  • Breakthrough Longstanding Relational Challenges

  • Transform "Trauma Drama" into Healthy "Fertilizer" 

  • Resolving Painful Community Issues 

  • Better Communication

  • Practical Individual Tools For Continued Spiritual and Emotional Permaculture 

  • More Connection, Inspiration, Motivation, Joy, Fun and Intimacy In Your Group

  • Greater Relationship Between Members and The Land or Business Entity 

  • True Communion and Reverence 

  • More Effective Teamwork

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Your Medicine Keeper, 
Thomas Michael 

We are honored you are taking this time to consider this offering allowing me into bring more harmony and coherence into your community space thorough The Sacred Element. We are deeply grateful to serve those that feel vibrationally aligned. To really get a feel for things, check out the video below that explains in greater depth what I and this offering are really about. 

Our Offering

Our Process

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Phase 1 : Space ( Prior To Arrival) 

Community Lead Intake 

Individual Client Intakes 

1 Individual Intro Connection Calls 

2 Individual 1:1 Sessions Per Member Prior to Arrival 

Group Call (Setting Up Sacred Space For Work / Play)

Body Cleansing Protocol (Highly Encouraged) 


Phase 2 : Earth

Opening The Prayer Planting The Seed

Connecting To Group “Family Unit / Leadership” 

Boundaries Attunement (Inner / Outer) 

Opening Prayer Intention Setting Sacred Community Space 

Causal Typical Community Flow, Adjusting, Individual Offering To Land, 

Group Prayer Circle Sacred Earth Offering 


Phase 3 : Air

Attunement and Listening

Working With The Sacred Breath 

Checking In For Coherence 

(Attuning to the Group, Land, Individuals) 

Group Talking Circle ( Community Heart Coherence Check in) 

Individual Check Ins On Intro Materials 

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Phase 4 : Fire

Sacred Fire Circle Group Clearing 

Nervous System Regulation

Power Recapitulation 

Community Master Template Update 


Phase 5 : Water

Sacred Water Offering  / Rebirth Cleansing

Final In Person 1:1 Check Ins 

Group Spiritual Hygiene Sovereignty Responsibility Meeting
Closing Community Connection Dance Embodyment Ceremony


Phase 6 : Plasma 

Community App / Telegram or Discord 

Post Individual Check Ins 

Post Group “Zoom” Check In “Fire” Ceremony 

Phase 7 : sacred element

This phase is present through out. The sacred cannot ultimately be placed within a simple formula or equation. We are here to meet you and yours wherever you are at, organically. Because life and creation is ever flowing and updating, each case, each mind heart and soul unique in its needs. We are here to attune to that, and steward and serve that sacred element within all beings, in all situations, in all moments. 

Our Clients Say

"Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."

Robert Rose, Product Designer

About The Sacred Element,

In 2016 we Co-Founded a Internationally operating 501c3 to try to bring a blueprint community model to assist in the creation of a regenerative Heaven on Earth. We had everything we thought we needed, money, resources, land, a team. As quickly as it all came together, we watched it all fall apart, simply because the lack of people being able to get along. I spent the next many years diving deep into shamanic initiations, training, self work, even near death experiences. Eventually we began offering deep 1:1 work, couples work and finally group work. Through all this we continued to watch similar scenerios continue to play out with Intentional Communities, Businesses, and Families crumble due to things we had very real proven solutions for. As so much of Humanity has now made the leap to truly begin building the New Earth together, It became obvious that these solutions will be key, with this we offer The Sacred Element to deliver those solutions to those who can benifit. 

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