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The Pathway From Starseed To Star System

If you have found this page.
There is a great chance that you are what is referred to as a
Starseed, Indigo, Crystal Child, Empath, Highly Sensitive,
Angelic Race, Star Race, or other multidimensional being.
Prior to this time.
You may have felt alone.
Like you didn’t belong. Like you miss “home”.  
Even though you might not be sure where that is. 
All the while knowing that you are here for a mission, a larger purpose.

Now with so much seeming chaos on this planet.

It may be undeniable.
You have been hearing the call.
We are amidst the great awakening
Leave your head for a moment, and feel the space of your heart.
See the lines of energy going from your heart into
Mine as I write these words
And know that what I share is truth.
This feeling of longing in your heart.
In your soul.
Ready to be nourished into a STAR BODY
This IS THE Epoch Ellipse.
Now is the time spoken of in many of the prophecies on this planet.
You came here to assist in the ascension of this planet.
Deep down you have always known that one day it would be time to step into this role.
Your gifts and special abilities have been awakening.
I have created this Starseed To Star Map Pathway
As a gift to my Galactic Family. I have also included a recording / re-coding
on the Science of Manifestation, bringing Clarity to the Law of Attraction to assist in your process.
I would be honored if you would take these gifts.
If you are still unsure of why you have arrived here. Please keep reading….




I remember riding down on the light of a star

to incarnate into this body…
Growing up I was different, with abilities to

visually see and feel
others pain, trauma, thoughts, their darkness…
The problem was
I took it all on and it built up within me…
Eventually so much if it, I became numb….
It became what seemed like more of a

curse than a blessing…

Does this feel familiar?

For many years I forgot who I was, why I was here,
and even that I had these abilities
Then one day that all changed a near death and

rebirth experience
A powerful healer came in to assist me.
And I was set free, and Truly remembered…..

A huge upgrade and powerful initiation….
I remembered my place at council

of multidimensional beings….
As the pandemic started to take over the media
It became clear.
NOW was the time, THIS is what I was here for….
All the prophecies that have been spoken of

around the world were coming true.
I was born a Starseed.
Here to become a Star System
Some perceive just the problems since the pandemic.
Others know this is what they were born for.

They hear the call….
The Transition into the Aquarian Age?
Are you ready to more fully step

into your gifts and abilties?

Everything in my life up tell this point,

it all really started to fit together.
A pathway for Starseeds,

Empaths, Highly Sensitives, Indigos…

So I have created what I call a star map,

a sort of path way with tools and  key pieces

to assist star seeds in becoming Stars
And unlocking their missions, gifts,

abilities and potentials.

If you want to share your email here I will share this

Star Map as a gift to you,

Also go in deeper about the story of my

recent near death and rebirth of how I got here now

(I don’t do spam really just looking to

connect to my soul family like you

and concrete together)

As a Bonus! I recently got done with

a workshop on The Truth about the

Science of Manifestation, and The Law of Attraction.
This is actually a advanced facet of my

Star to Star Seed Process!

I clear up a bunch of confusion around

these two huge topics
That people are often fascinated about.

Some major KEYS in the video Workshop:

Trauma, Programming, Conditioning
Timeline Jumping
Dhamra / Karma
Shamanic Exstacy and Bliss
Much more….


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