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Yeshua and Mary Magdalena Sacred Union Update

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

My most recent reception of channeled spiritual messages has been from Yeshua and Mary Magdalena. As it has felt important to do this recently, I want to share my own higher take around the core frequency of the channel, along with the message and practical applications.

It is spoken of in this message about a special task at hand for men, how this realtes to women, those called to sacred union right now, and also the energy dynamics of this in the next phases…. I write most of my channeled messaged by hand, the old fashion way with ink and paper, that process happened last night for this message. Early this morning not too long before typing this up, I saw a potent post from another brother working with similar frequencies, also about the special task of men in this time.

I would like to share this….

After the fall of Atlantis, there had been massive planetary trauma, the seed of this trauma had already been in place since the birth of the universe itself. This trauma / virus is the illusion of separation that was necessary for the Cosmic Womb in which we are inside of to develop as a “separate entity”. The same as the virus in the lining of the human mothers womb that protects the baby from being looked at as a foreign invader by the mothers body.

The fall of Atlantis had lead to a re-traumatiztion of this wound, burying it deep within the 3D density all the way into the bone structures (ruled by Saturn / Satan / Cubic 6x6x6 Time Matrix) As the higher electrical frequencies of Uranus (An / Aion/ Ouranos / The Son of Man (Womb / Human) are coming back online as we step into the Aquarian Age, this trauma / veil of illusion and separation are broken down, but of course brought back up to be neutralized and repurposed into the new higher dimensional timelines.

How is this related to men in particular? The male body is more electrical in nature, where the female body is more magnetic. The electric is the word, the sword, the penetration, the current…

Uranus rules the Nervous System as a whole, this is what is evolving at a rapid rate right now. They keep showing me the Nervous system itself as the masculine electrical nature of the swords and the words, the serpents, penetrating deeper into new tissues of the body, carving out new territory and solidifying an entirely new grid and template. The magnetism nature of the feminine pleasure and the earth, calling in that high vibrational and electrical energy in from the cosmos, from central sun to anchor in more light, which in turn creates more love.... The illusion of separation dissolved as the pain is pushed through, and re directed into pleasure, and connection. But also much beyond this, there are new levels and layers hidden with in these bands of frequency as they combine… This merging of the electrical masculine penetration, and the feminine pleasure, giving birth to the new Aquarian Christ…. Born in this age, not from the Womb of a Virgin of Virgo, at is opposes the sign of the last ate of Pisces, But From the Heart Of The Lion and Leo, the Opposing Sign To Aquarius. Listen to your heart, learn from it, and follow it.

Yeshua and Mary Magdalena Sacred Union Update

We are here to share with you a message of love and divine truth in this time of turmoil.

When thing are seeming most confusing often times the greatest opportunities are available to us. Listen to the message within your most sacred of hearts at this time.

Some of you have been called into the most Holy Science of Sacred Union at this great juncture and leap in the evolution of humanity, consciousness, earth, and the cosmos.

We share with you that in particular at this time the men that have been called into the work and divine science of Sacred Union have a special task at hand. The amount of high frequency cosmic light from the great central sun, where we share this message from, is at a unprecedented level of availability on the planet in these times.

It is the men that are the primary channel for this powerful electrical force, the women are being prepared at this time to be able to magnetically anchor these cosmic frequencies into their bodies, and into the planetary grid.

Each couple tasked with working with, and anchoring in these frequencies have been prepared and choosen due to unique skillsets, and ways of manipulating these frequencies.

Like Crystals shining out many colors of light, that will be the energy that help hold the vibration of the new earth in place, to be the material from which the new earth is built, to show the way into this new earth grid, that has been anchored into central earth core.

The core crystalline nature of earth for the next phase has been activated. It is up to you to stay in tune with the vibration coming from central sun, and co-creating with the intelligence of Gaia.

These two intelligences are brought together in the heart.

The heart mind has become greatly evolved within a very short time recently. Now it is tasked to learn the new way of being in active co-creation with what has become available to you.

- Yeshua and Mary

Note: Deep Gratitude Original Artist For Image Unknown Please Feel Free To Reach Out If You Know, Or Are The Artist I would Love to Credit You

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