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What am I

A good friend that I work with this morning told me I need to share more about my gifts, what I do… in terms of the work I do with people to assist in their evolutionary process, growth, healing…. She said she felt like many people don’t know and that it is very needed….

Some people might call me a psychic surgeon, although, due to our modern medical structure that might bring up a lot of inaccurate visions.

In truth, is more like a combination of a medicine man and an organic computer coder… I bring people into a ceremonial space, like any proper ceremony, I ask people in days leading up to the prayer to meditate or contemplate on their intention, why they are calling the session, what they want to shift.

Then we go in, once in that space, we go together into the soul grids, the akashic, the energy and auric bodies.

Someone shares with me their prayer, issue, ask… I am presented with clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clair….

Information, childhood, past life, if there is block, or distortion, creator presents to me the root of it, we transmute that, shift it, and reorganize it into your divine organic blueprint… Sometimes I clear things out of DnA, or do the physical bodies, psychic attacks, chord cutting…

I shift timelines ask I am guided to…

Sometimes I am asked to medium for guides, those passed on, ascended beings, cosmic beings, deities… sometimes friends and family and children’s sprits come in to the ceremony for alignment or resolution.

Sometimes I am anchoring in new codes, templates, and energy body upgrades… every time is unique, and organic, depending on you, the collective evolution and what your soul is calling in at that time.

Many people come with questions about decisions, I will only lead you to your own answer or greater ability to receive that knowing for your self, I am not a fortune teller or predictor, I am here to empower you more…

All work is done to anchor someone deeper into their personal direct connection with Godsource within them, aligning with their highest and best, ideally I am putting myself more out of work with every session.

Some ask where i learned this… it is a gift from God, some aspects of it I was born with, others have been blessed with more recently. I have had many initiations, from both living indigenous elders, and also from ascended beings, and also directly from nature…

I also do this work on peoples homes, lands, the earth grid and body of Gaia….

I am simply a blessed and gifted vessel, a hand holder and guide that has learned more and more how to get out of the way, and help others get out of the way, so that more truth, light, love, coherence, connection, and grace can step in…


Thomas Sochowicz - Astara Inrstelr

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