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True Interdependence Day : DNA Activation Solar Flares and Collective Evolution, Human Design Mutati

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Within the past 24 hours we have had both the entrance into the Sirius / Lions Gate Portal, along with Major Solar Xflares and other major astrological aspects as well which I recently posted about. After some major purging, integration, and some questions from friends, a number of things have become more clear about these shifts.

They showed me that the recent X flare created a much deeper level of Physical Body Untethering for those that are at a specific level of their souls development and evolution along with the creation of their Solar Vehicle, which will continue beyond the death or transfiguration of the physical vessel.

What does this mean? On the Organic evolutionary path, there reaches a point when the amount of consciousness has reached a point that it can no longer be contained within the confines of the physical vessel, this also corresponds with a certain level of development of going beyond the polarization of 2 Strand DNA into 3 - 48 strand Angelic Human Templates.

Let me explain what this may feel like….

Many of you may notice a shift in relationships, connection, sexual energy….. moving beyond the standard pleasure / pain dynamic of making choices, relating, decisions… When the pleasure pain axis is calling all the shots, this is Moon (Sin) / Saturn ruler ship (Polar / 3d Matrix) There is nothing wrong with this, it is simply a certain stage or phase along the evolutionary path. At this phase the physical vessel serves as an egg or womb to ideally develop the Eternal Solar body (that which is beyond death) this is a process that requires digesting and processing the trauma, programming, and conditioning in order to convert it into free available Solar energy / body.

Once enough of this process has taken place, there is a certain level of “untethering” from the physical vessel… At this point it also becomes very important to consciously be connecting the central channel down into the earth, out into the cosmos, putting up layers of protection, and developing the energy body, as one would going to the gym with a physical body. Other wise one just sort of floats unprotected merging with anything and everything around one, taking in or on others stuff, mixing our energies etcs, This is like the difference between being water and having ourselves in a glass, or just being dumped all over the table on a pile of dirt, then needing to filter yourself later. It requires work and vigilance.

As you begin to develop these organs, glands, layers of the energy body, one begins to learn how they work, and communicate, and interact with both the physical and energy planes, sensitizing oneself to these new levels and layers of you participate in, at first this can be like feeeling around in the dark, then gaining a flash light, and so on.

Back to where we are at with these shifts…… They showed me the recent X flares to be like a sort of reset, wipe clean and also a new level of untethering from the physical vessel, which equals more individuaation for the energy body, where the souls path starts to call the shots because it will continue beyond the life of the physical vessel and is no longer ruled by the senses alone.

It also came to my attention due to some recent questions from a friend, that these shifts has created a whole different experience in romantic relating….no longer interested in strictly sexual connection, and even getting clear messages when she would meet a man instantly….like “Nope”….

What came through was this…. Many of you have one specific divine counterpart, who the soul knows has been chosen previously to walk along side of you once you have reached this level of evolutionary development, the soul and heart knows who this is, and once it knows, will have no interest in anything but this, one will even choose to be a lone rather than be with anyone but this counterpart, because the spiritual ascended mastery path is the new aim, goal and mission at this point. Everything else simply becomes sort of “boring”…. Even a feeling of “not really caring”… The Soul eventually recognizes who that divine counterpart is, it becomes clear, and since there is a development of that new bodies that are beyond death, there is even a knowing of the ability to wait as long as need be for connecting with this person, when the divine plan aligns their next phase in evolution to be with this soul.

This is a love beyond any other… a major difference in the way this type of love operates, vs previous experiences when one was more tethered to the physical vessel… this love will start in the heart, and then make its way down into the root… vs the other way around…. This has various reasons in its assistance with evolution, the key one being the true recognition of that other within the heart of god and unconditional love.

This is not to say that one cannot have amazing, connective, beautiful experiences with others, on the contrary! Your daily connections will get even deeper and richer, and more in depth!

Now, why the shift in sexual energy? Because sexual energy is the energy (as it is alchemized through the chakra system) that is the raw fuel to develop and expand the Solar body into further phases of evolution. Along with concrete in 5d and higher realms.

These higher dimensional bodies are in realms that operate on different rules and laws, and geometry than this matrix, and often times supersede the restrictions, thus “super natural” abilities…..

Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes….

Now… how does this all relate to Human Design and the Mutation leading into 2027? Well I will say, I have been feeling more and more limited by the Human Design system, and it has become increasingly clear why… The Human Design system was channeled by Ra Uru Hu… Who’s name meant…. The closer to the door of the LEFT (aka logical, linear 3D Saturnian Time Matrix) And delivered very precise codes related to the mechanics of the programming of this earth matrix… which is simply a womb for the Solar Body I speak of….

In his Cosmology he spoke of the current Mutation leading into 2027 and a shift to the Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix….

Like I said when consciousness expands beyond what the Physical vessel can hold, it unteathers, and will actually mutate the physical vessel to accompany (ascension symptoms)

He was clear that leading into 2027 The Human Species as we know it, was “on its way out” aka… losing its relevance to the evolutionary process. simply a stepping stone for the birth of the next species he called the “Rave”…..

(Watch the Netflix Series Sense 8 but at this point we are already beyond what that show conveyed)

The Rave he speaks of, will operate in groups of 3 to 5 Physical bodies Sort of like Voltron or Transformers bolting together, and then sort of turning on as a consciousness inhabits this group of vessels…. And have abilities “we couldn’t even begin to comprehend” ie, supernatural abilities (many of you are already developing these now)

What I have been shown, is that some of us that are now developing on these Solar Bodies 12- 48 strand DNA will essentially be the larger spirits / souls inhabiting these pods of multiple bodies (much like a Phoenix that has risen from the “Ashes” that which many of you are already experiencing, because it will take that many physical vehicles to house the wealth of consciousness these expanded versions of ourselves will possess.

This is also why Ra stated that the “voice” that delivered him this system, said it could not fully foresee how the mutation would go as it is a mutation and thus unpredictable. Because that which is developing is beyond the confines of the system that was presented as the solar light of the super nova that scanned the earth to transmit him the information itself could only see so far into this process.

What I have found the HD / Gene keys systems to be very helpful for in this process, is pinpointing the location of wounds / or shadows, to assist in their transformation and thus leading someone deeper into their "cross" or zero point (lower mind death via eye of the needle) where more of this untethering begins to take place and the higher bodies build.


Astara Inrstel

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