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Threading The Aquarian Needle: The Great 2020 Conjunction Of December 21st Part 3

I want to start this one off by saying, what has been going on as we move closer and closer to this Great Conjunction is beyond just the astrological aspects. If you haven’t noticed yet, there are also constant major spikes of the highest levels in the Amplitude of Schumann Resonance, huge cycles of Solar Storms, CMEs and other waves hitting as well. From my experience, all these energies contain huge amounts of information. These many energies are akin to a sort of melting of ice, and distillation of water within our bodies, and our planet as we approach the Great Conjunction shifting the fabric of our reality to be more of a steam, than a dense earth, although just as water molecules contain the air of oxygen, and fire of hydrogen, all elements still remain, but in their new less dense form, that is now able to receive and perceive, and refract light and sound in totally new ways.

To put it simply, carbon is becoming more like diamond. Light, sound and electricity move through diamond much differently than carbon.

This also goes well beyond “Earthy” developments as well, as we are here on earth a central hub and focus for major Galactic Developments taking place as well.

For example, its important to note that the original complete and updated original founder source coding, and language has now been fully anchored into the grid here now and has since began replicating and recoding both the celestial and earth grids (new heaven new earth). New resolutions have been made between many Cosmic Races, including resolutions with the Pleiadians and Reptilians, Sirians, Lyrans and Dragons, and much more is still developing to prepare for this Great Conjunction. These developments are playing out on both our personal internal stages, and thus in our personal lives as well.

Now Let’s get into some up coming dates as things continue to heat up. (If you need you can go back to previous parts to see these progressions, while they are date and astrology based, much of the information weaved in remains relevant)

Dec 17th

As Venus synonymous with Aprodite, goddess of love, beauty, and and all things sensual pulls into Sagittarius, she starts a powerful sextile with Jupiters consort Pallas Athene the Warrior goddess of ceremony, ritual, art, education leads the race in ushering in the new Aquarian energies. Pallas Athene contained the secret of regeneration via medusas blood, along with related developments of Psychic faculties.

Quite literally, a ceremony of cosmic dragons, is taking place within our blood. These are the as within correspondences to the Celestial Plasma dragons in the Cosmos. For many right now the direct psychic perception of this may become apparent. For others, it may just seem like a shedding of proverbial skins…..

With this we can see a powerful transformation of Psychic faculties, Artistic or organizational visions of the new Aquarian timelines and templates. Along with the dissolution of old belief structures, values and financial structures, relationship wounds, especially beliefs that involve the improper use of force. As these dissolve, you may also find that new and creative visions and developments flood in as the old energies are recycled.

Next Saturn takes its first steps back into Aquarius after reviewing what aspects of the old structure were necessary to bring into the new office. We already got a taste of this energy back in March 21 - July 1st, this gave us the necessary foresight to hopefully make some adjustments of trajectory between then and now.

Let’s say back then it was like stepping into our new office / job. Assessing the situation, then going back into the old office to gather supplies, notes, training, the workers we want to take with us, the pieces of the old systems we were using that are still applicable for the new job.

This can be directly related to going within to retrieve parts of the inner child, or past selves that were locked within the body, now coming forward to be keys to the new Aquarian You.

Jupiter still remains in Capricorn. Like an old wise sage boss, back in the old office still, assisting to help guide Saturn as he lays down the new systems of the Aquarian template in the new office. With the Moon conjunct Saturn this day, it might feel like that first day on that job where we wonder if we are making the right choices, am I cut out for this? Of course you Are!~ Reflect on the wisdom of structure.

This comes with added support as Juno the loyal wife to our inner wisdom, transforms Jupiters wisdom with her feminine edge from back in Jupiters home court of Sagittarius, directly at 29” (the degree of Mastery) Galactic Center.

How can we creatively transform a forceful display of power when we are frustrated with limitations? This also allows for never before levels of intimacy with our inner sacred union to unfold, and for some, perhaps with an external mirror as well.

We also now can start to really feel this aspect creating the feeling of threading the eye of the needle. A T-square between Vesta and The Nodes of the Moon and Neptune. Vesta creates a compression, or pulling inward of energy from Virgo. Particularly pulling inward for transformation the notion of oppression, Oppression around loss, grief, despair, over working, mental visions of past trauma…. This can feel like a choice…or choices between time lines, but really, as it deepens into a cross, it is a dissolving of all those things that are not the one truth of inner source. This process can also be a breathing in and out, of the many, into the one, the possible timelines, to collapsing the wave form.

As these pull inward towards greater union with the Sacred Source within, externally we can feel an expansion of territory, a communion with something much greater, a deep sense of connection to cosmic center, an opening of heart to great realizations and transmissions. The more we can tap into an intuitive connection with spirit and see through the lies of the mind, the more Neptune will bless us with grace, and the gifts of Piscean magic. This will continue to intensify leading up to the 21st as the Square Grows tighter.

Galactic Messengers and Wise Sages.

Mercury finally comes into full conjunction with the Sun on the 11.4, right around where the Recent Full Solar Eclipse was. Looks for communications, downloads, visions, upgrades, messages of wisdom. Unexpected fiery and empowering connections come into ignite an array of healing as we are fueled with fire. Will we make the choices as we transmute the internal oppression of sexual energy within our bodies, that we can take the galactic messages within our hearts and connect and commune with others through them.

Dec 18th

The Sun and Mercury conjunction continues to move closer to exact, while getting even closer still to Galactic Center. A burning out of all out-dated ideas and emotional desires of what is possible, allowing for more objectivity. As the old emotional reflections burn out of the system, like the distilling steam eventually condensing, it will allow the Celestial Aquarian waters of the heavens to rain down from above after the fire calms.

With Vesta deepening its Square to the Nodes, we have still this seeming choice point, that is really just a compression into the eye of this needle. A deep internalization of the inner fire of frustration can assist in burning through any thinking and karmic oppression preventing from a sacred marriage to our spiritual source within. From the shadows of the domination of illusory mental facts, and the pride of outdated oppressive philosophies, we can feel deeper into the heart transmuting them into communion with self, other and spirit.

This can bring us into the balance point between the frustration with pride, and dominance, the censorship of the minds and egos desires points us within to a deeper communion of the hearts truth,