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Thursday November 12th Jupiter and Pluto make their final conjunction of this year. (Think back to April 5th and June 30th to find the deeper themes)

The final empowerment of the once and forever king. Jupiter and Pluto have been making their dance back and forth now for some time, bringing out the truth of what’s been going on in both our personal and collective inner underworlds. As Zeus sends his lighting bolts down into the underworld, the falsehoods are brought into the light.

In the particular case the theme is Interdependence…Our ability to establish relationships for the actualization of truth, and through the nurturing and protective power of those relationships, being able to create a stable environment where these relationships can grow.

- The shadow is… some may be stuck in the psychosis created by the lies in their mind, kept in power by the trauma, programming and conditioning of their subconscious, and thus forsake and leave behind relationships due to impatience and psychosis…..

It’s always important to honor, and validate both our own feelings, and those of others.

Feelings can come up, or be triggered by many things. Often times these feelings are triggered based on perceptions of information we receive.

As things come up in front of us and we have feelings, perceptions… We can ask ourselves, am I responsible for this feeling… Yes, always. Am I accountable for what I do with this feeling? What I do about it? Yes, always. If we are experiencing it, we are responsible for that experience.

All feelings are valid…Yes you are feeling what you are feeling. However, that feeling can also be based around a false perception of an experience, false information…

What do I mean. Well…. Lets say a friend calls me and says something like. I just saw your house getting broke into.

Immediately… FEELINGS….maybe fear, panic, anger…whatever. Valid feelings….

What you didn’t know was, your friend saw your partner crawling in the window because they were locked out. Your feelings are based on a lie…. A false perception. There are many similar less literal ways this happens all the time.

So when someone else comes to us with an experience. We can honor and validate the feelings, especially if there is something we did, or are doing to bring up these feelings for the other person. It’s also our responsibility to analyze what the other person is saying if it is about us to see where our own shadow is in our actions.

And also if we know the objective truth of the situation to be different, we can honor and validate their truth, but we do not have to honor their false perception. This is an important distinction.

These images and perceptions that play out internally in ones mind, are the personal media… which can be either based on the agenda of the (trauma, programming, conditioning) of the subconscious. Or they can be direct experience (direct cognition)… direct cognition happens when we see the experience for exactly what it is, from a neutral observer / objective position…

This can only happen when the pain and trauma going on under the surface is recognized and felt. Many times the trauma or pain behind something is the direct cognition.

Someone says something like, please don’t cook me potatoes, I hate potatoes… if you were to see psychically with direct cognition, you might see their child self being force fed potatoes by a parent….etc

Many listen to the lies of their mind…Why? It upholds a false structure of their subconscious agendas (known or unknown)… They get to keep eating like they eat, living like they live, numbing, working etc. Why, because they aren’t ready in that moment to remember and feel the sexual abuse as a child they are blocking out, or that the bullying they experienced in school, or the force fed potatoes….

Can you blame them? No. You can have compassion for them, this is what compassion is…They will see when and if they are ready to see, feel when they are ready to feel, if ever…. Often they might not even remember the experience, and couldn’t even if they tried.

Fractals, as above, so below…

Many watch the news… they listen to the news or the media because it upholds a false structure based on an agenda running behind the scenes. Why? Why do people go along with it? They get to go on eating the way they eat, living like they live, numbing, working… Because finding out agendas about children sexual abuse, or that the media lies because they are being paid by a behind the scenes agenda, being lied to by their chosen political parent…. There is a direct correlation between what is ruling them from behind the scenes in their subconscious, to what is ruling behind the scenes of the media they listen to…. The subcoious trauma plays false news to stay in power.

Can you blame them? No. They will see when and if they are ready to see, feel when they are ready to feel, if ever….

What can do you…Transmute your own trauma, programming, conditioning… Its all a fractal, what’s “yours” is “theirs”

In order to gather all of our own internal selves… We must be willing to face the pain, trauma, programming, and feel all the feelings, digesting / processing the stuck and stored energy. It takes work, investigation, talking responsibility for our lives….

You won’t get the truth from your mind on the surface. You won’t get the truth from the media….( unless you look at it with direct cognition, then you can see what’s behind it)

As a psychic energy worker… I see this constantly. I go into peoples soul grids, their auric field. I go into to the source of the trauma, programming, conditioning, I feel it (the experience of being forced to eat potatoes) , and then share the objective truth based on the neutral observer. Once brought to the light, the power and energy trapped returns to where it needs to go, timelines shift, ascension happens….

Day by day, moment by moment…. More and more people are becoming ready to know…. Doing the research internally, and externally to get to the bottom of what’s going on deeply, to do the work, to feel the feels, to see the objective truth, to bring their inner dead to the light.

This is the Epoch-Ellipse… The Revelations… The Separating the Wheat (sovereign co-creator) from the Chaff (painful potato memory)…

As above so below….

Revelations talks about being raised from the dead….The dead are these past versions of us, false lies, traumatized energy, versions of our past selves stuck in trauma, programming, conditioning AKA Hell…. We can allow those places to keep us stuck, or we can come into the light of objective truth.

Earth / Feminine / Body = The Many / Darkness (Still a form of light) / Womb / Nutrients / Mother / The Subjective / Subconscious / The Power / Feelings

Sun / Masculine / Conscious = Light / Phallus / Objective / One / Sword / Seed

This is the beautiful relationship of the masculine and feminine. The divine feminine seeks the sword / the objective truth , the one light of source, it wants to be penetrated by this. Why? Because as the truth / light / sword come in…. It cuts away all those things that no longer serve…The old selves that are the root of pain and trauma, dis-ease, that no longer serve the body / feminine/ earth….

The earth yearns for the light of the sun to penetrate it in order to evaporate the waters, dry out places that are too wet, to bloom its flowers, to stimulate the seeds to desire and need the nutrients of the dead and decayed things that serve as food for the new thing growing…. And it does this through the support of the moon, going through its moods as the waters move and shift….

This is the paradox.

This is the Epoch-Ellipse… The Revelations… The Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

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