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The Great and Holy Work

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

All that is not unconditional love is here to be purified and annihilated by the force of unconditional love. This is the great work, this is the task and path of ascended mastery. This force comes into ones vessel and is nourished like a seed (the child of Christ). We follow this frequency as it grows within That Points the way to the path along the spiral. When that which is not of this frequency is presented to us (In mind, body or spirit) we bring fathers electrical light into it to break it down processing and digesting it. The work is to sensitize one self to the inner guidance of holy father and mother within, as it is broken down mother nourishes the seed as the cup begins to overflow. The connection to Godsource within then reveals how to organize the light into the new pattern which is a synergy of our will as the child of creation (rooted in unconditional love) with the divine blueprint we are guided to by fathers pattern, and mothers nourishment for that pattern. This is the eternal flowering of the star seed and spore which has been planted with your heart to allow the gift of co creating the New Garden of Eden first within you and then without. When this path is followed, all that is needed is given unto you for your path and more as this is mother’s nourishment for you as the seed, all the guidance needed is there when we ask and look because this is fathers plan.

Nothing can stop this force, this work or this path when it is invited, worked with, and we listen because this is all there is, this is all there has ever been, and this is all that will be ever be.


Astara Inrstelr

Note: Deep Gratitude Original Artist For Image Unknown Please Feel Free To Reach Out If You Know, Or Are The Artist I would Love to Credit You

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