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The Boy Who Dreams With Trees Release Edition 1

So excited to announce my second book in the indigo series, The Boy Who Dreams With Trees!

Many years ago at the onset of my first kundalini awakening, I felt called to go meditate underneath a giant California Redwood.

As I did, the tree began to reveal many powerful mysteries about trees, their relationship to Gaia, the Cosmos, and Humans.

At the end of the transmission the tree asked me to help share this wisdom with humanity.

And now I am grateful to be able to do that through this book (based on a true story).

Asher a young monk is taken on a mystical journey by Terrador the Ancient Giant Sequoia into The mysteries of the Akashic Library and Dreamtime.

This one is a bit longer than the first, and maybe more suited for those in the 6 or 7 and up range, depending on how advanced, and as usual, this is a transmission so even adults can benefit.

I have also put up some new next level apparel and other items for the holiday season. Due to everything being print on demand to save on costs and materials environmentally, I can’t promise all orders will arrive for Dec 25th, but I can say if you order now that it is highly likely you will get things in time.

In honor of the holidays season I am offering a Black Friday / Cyber Monday 15% off all new products use code DREAMTREE and I am also opening up space for new single 1:1 work for those that feel called. I have been focusing this year more on packages and long term so far, but in honor of this launch I am opening up for those that might want to test the waters or just need a single session.

For those of you intersted, you can find the link to the book here.

And the other new products here.

Just a few of the new products


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