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The Blood of the covenant is thicker than the waters of the womb.

Any relationship is an agreement, a holy and sacred space, a garden with a unique life of its own.

Weather we know it or not, When we bring a bond with someone into the intimate level of a mixing of the fluids or waters with another, a whole new type and level of this ceremony, this sacred space and agreement begins. The waters, the fluids, are the akashic, that store memory. You can see this as now watering what was once just a spiritual seed. This goes even that much deeper when sexual intercourse happens, and DNA is fully mixed…

This becomes very much so like sharing a living space, a garden, or opening a powerful sacred ceremony circle with one another.

Do you trust this person you are making this bond and agreement with with your life? Your heart? Your psyche? Will they tend and care for this garden in a beautiful way, giving love and nurturing to the plants, being sure to keep out that which may harm the fruits of the garden?

What types of things, people, energies, entities, will be allowed into that space? For like a garden, those that are allowed in may be carrying deadly and harmful parasites and pests that could easily wipe out the entire garden. They may also contain things that could be beneficial. This is where communication becomes paramount. Every movement within the ceremony must be fully known and communicated between the ceremony leaders, the garden managers.

Some important topics to consider in relation to this, one of the benefits of the social distance and lock down is more awareness of this. Things brings up things like the va$$ and viral shedding. Do you have responsibility to tell someone now you have received it or not before cultivating relationship garden space? Yup. Do you have responsibility to talk to or ask your roommates or partners about even bringing people who have received or not into your house, relationship etc? Yup… do you also have responsibility to only be in relationship with others who are conscious and aware enough and caring of enough for you and your life to make these changes, have these talks and take this responsibility? Yup


I was recently talking to a good friend about the utter reality of spiritual abuse, psychic abuse, and spiritual / psychic rape. Our society has been markedly materialistic / left / logical for quite some time, but yet is very quickly rushing in the other direction as the veils crash down like paper machete. People in our society will easily be up and arms (although still maybe not enough even in these cases) over physical rape, or physical abuse. Yet when this happens on a spiritual, emotional and psychic level, they see more so dismissed, sometimes worse than this, people who suffer from these things at the hands of another are gaslit in to being made to feel insane, over exaggerating, or shamed for their experiences. Why? Well for starters, people are still stuck in the prison of the moon and Saturn ( being ruled by money and materialism) brainwashed into thinking money has power over them, and the material world has more weight or importance than the spiritual. When really it’s the other way around… Because they themselves, have been victims of spiritual, psychic abuse… ironically, it is only pain and trauma that locks the spiritual into this level of density thus making it seem like they are a slave too it.

Even deeper than this….

Mainly All because of fear of the unknown, or fear they might have to also take accountability and Face aspects of their own self that were they themselves victims of spiritual, emotional, psychic abuse, rape or neglect. And let me tell you…. 90% or more of the people alive on this planet, have at one time been victims of spiritual, emotional, psychic abuse, rape, torture, or neglect. This is why it’s often dismissed, because it means people opening up to their true power that has often been locked away since childhood, or even lifetimes. It means they also have to utterly change and accept a whole new way of life and reality itself. To come to honestly face their own demons, their own immortality, and take total responsibility for their reality. I know this, because I have experienced a lot of this personally, and I have seen it with almost every single client of mine.

The difference between material and spiritual is really only that which is hidden by layers of trauma or wounding. Psychic, spiritual and emotional experiences generally create “physiological” response. Keep that in mind next time you think about yours or a friends experience they are having on those levels.

Welcome to the new world family, it’s time to get real and deep about accountability, responsibility, sovereignty and co creation. Jupiter only went two degrees into Pisces, and is now about to go back into retro Aquarius so social agreements can change based on new levels of spiritual and psychic connection. It’s only getting more real from here…. Wait tell next year when your lover thinks of someone sexually and they in the room between you both Welcome to the real Sense 8

Bless AsTara Inrstelr

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