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The All Queen Of Everything

This force that’s growing within me Within my heart Is all consuming It’s unstoppable Transmitted through your reflection I watch and witness as feelings come into my field of awareness… Anger, pain, sadness, resentment, mistrust, doubt, worry, fear At times so painful And wear on aspects of me, sometimes driving me to the point of what seems like madness All but losing hope in the worst moments, Although it becomes dim, but yet I can always at least just so faintly feel my connection within to source, to creator within me, in the depths of my heart space As these emotions, old shadows and shells of identities within the collective unconscious they hold on for dear life, which is what causes the pain, but yet faith, patience and witness is the most that can be done… Then magically, that faint frequency within my heart, it returns once more Stronger, more clear than it has ever been before Becoming a more solid frequency that can be turned to and counted on that much more the next time the darkness try’s to take hold This force that’s growing within me Within my heart It’s all consuming It’s unstoppable I have no control over it I know because I have tried I have tried because anything that feels safe and secure by any stretch of logic seems to keep slipping away as this force continues to grow All identities that are not god source, feel fear in the face of this force, and try to hang on because… It will keep growing until everything that is not it has died I call this force unconditional love It has my total devotion


aSTARa Inrstelr

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