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Soul Song Mars Retrograde 2022

Two paths you can go by, but in the long run

You may be noticing in this eclipse portal by now that Mars Retrograde is fully in effect, that there are at this current time, two very distinct separate timelines you are aware of in your energy field, each of these may have many forking and branching sub-timelines, but the two distinct ones are viscerally different, and at this point, don’t meet or weave together.

Gemini is the sign of duality, with Mars rules (action, ego, the body, passion, drive, ambition and a number of other things).

You may have noticed also that there are various mini junctures where you are presented with two clear options. With Mars squaring Neptune during this retrograde, your mind, emotions, and ego often might more likely be deceived, but your souls intuitive sense through the body will clearly know the answer it seeks.

Each of these mini junctures will give you an opportunity to become more sensitized to the soul and highest self speaking through the body. As Mars moves retrograde it heads back into a closer square to Neptune, then further away, then in a couple months when it goes direct, it will come back again.

Due to the upcoming full moon and eclipse being conjunct Uranus in the position it will be, along with the current position of the Lunar Nodes (the head and tail of the collective DNA Dragon) your personal choices are more markedly impacting the entire direction of the planet as a whole. You may also find a sudden overall unexpected directional change around the coming eclipse November 7th and 8th.

From what I see currently, there are a few things being asked of us / over all benefits of this process.

One is assisting us into greater levels of embodiment of the higherself, soul, or avatar each of us has been working to fully incarnate since around February of 2020

Another is a collective move to allow for a more soul / spiritual intuitive guidance system for each individual and the planet as a whole to anchor in that moves beyond mental duality into deeper compassion, where the compassion of the human gets transferred to the heavenly beings, and the greater cosmically connected high heart awareness gets transferred to the human.

I have noticed that there is a shift in the layers of dimensional frequency where archangels have operated, those deep on the ascension path may notice a need to adjust, clear and update these aspects of self.

What I have noticed clearly amongst these two distinct pathways at this current juncture, is one of them, is clearly more rooted in what some might consider UP UNTIL NOW a more “traditional” masculine path, more logic, more “power and control”, more “safe”, more excitement, with a more clearly defined future / path, although still forking off into many potentials, this path at first glance comes with more stability and rewards, even the air of (I have been waiting my whole life for this)….

At first this may have seemed like, or even still feel to some like the clear obvious option, it may even seem like the first contains the two paths…… for some it may even seem like ‘“the only way” as well. This timeline may even come with the initial deception that it takes conquering some fear in order to step on to it, it may challenge your comfort and safety zones, it may even say, well if I don’t choose this, what would I even do?

Go deeper…

The second path is markedly different, first of all, to even access the second path, it will require accessing some level of true power, magic and mystery, even to access ones ability to create something from nothing pulling you back into your TRUE POWER,

when attuning to the second path, you may notice it lands much differently in the body, rooted and anchored deeply in the soils of the womb and heart of the body, it is more unclear the actual path way to the mind, there maybe even more fear that comes in at first tuning into it, maybe simply with bits and pieces, like a dream, its excitement is replaced more by a feeling of aliveness, it seems to come with more challenge, to the mind, seemingly less “safety”, the power that this one comes with is that it requires accessing the ancient well and magic of the great mystery itself, the masculine in this path not something of the mind and logic but simply an erect pillar of godly and primal frequency which is the only thing that can penetrate the great mystery. It seems as though the second one is deeply connected to the

What will be interesting to see, is what if any thing from path one gets brought over into path two, or visa versa, or if they even merge, or if one simply falls away.

As always if you need assistance reach out and we can chat about my current offers.


Michael Inrstelr

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