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Seeing the Forests For the Mycelium

Deep and Ancient Magic Hidden In This 2022 / 2023 Scorpio / Taurus Eclipse

I read an article once, that they have recently discovered that a bacteria found in soils called Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the release of serotonin in our brain.

For those that aren’t aware, serotonin is one of the main chemicals that allows for us to feel connected, loved, safe, and cared for.

Many people in our modern culture due to the various reasons look at soil, and if they are intelligent enough see the value of soil due to its ability to produce trees, food and or other plants from it.

Scorpio = The bacterias and mycelium, the process of rebirth, transformation

Taurus = That which the soils produce, the plants, trees, the products of the plants and trees

You will soon see how ironic it is that many people in our cultures associate safety, love, connection, and comfort with that which the soils produce (food, plants, clothes, trees etc)

Life…. Is the POTENTIAL….

Going deeper…

But what about the value inherent to the soil itself...

And deeper

The value in the process of rebirth, transformation, breaking down… The Sex vs the Orgasm….

The value in the THINGS that are breaking down, transforming, decaying

The value of the process of rebirth itself?

The value in that which breaks things down, which delivers the transformation or rebirth.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars… Thus Masculine… You think its coincidence mushrooms are shaped like a phallus? Its the masculine which breaks things down, the teeth, or a knife, that which deconstructs….. The penetration, the investigation…..

The POINT which penetrates the black womb of space in a love making spiral to reveal the flower we get the honor of witnessing the serotonin fruits of.

Like a mechanic deconstructing a machine, it’s process of the breaking down of their current life that reveals the hidden gems to the elders as they age and move closer to physical rebirth.

The soils of course are synonymous on a personal level with our blood, our digestive organs, our subsconscious, and various other largely unseen components of our individual worlds, penetrated by the mycelium of our nervous system to revel our unique experiences….

And it is this eternal process of transformation or rebirth, that creates the “veil”, the veil of the mycelial web, both within the forest ecosystems, and within our bodies. Producing the serotonins, the dopamies, oxytocins, the DMT’s, and other neurotransmitters and chemistry that mediate between the flesh of the endocrine system and the energetic templates of the chakra system.

Of course the soils have bacterias that release serotonin… the soils are Gaias stomach and intestinal linings.

Where are most of these neurotransmitters produced within the human body? From the bacterias of the digestive track…

So where am I going with this? That even part of it here, an even deeper part of this process.

Let’s take a moment to release any of this pressure we may put on ourselves to get somewhere, to produce something, to make the “correct choice” as if there even is such a thing…..

Let’s take a minute to unconditionally love the one that took on the weight and pressure to make the “correct choice” thus absolving ourselves from the very pressure of the paradox.

Again… the pressure of the penetration to allow ourselves to be “broken down” to yet become something greater than what we once were. By loving this force and process within us, around us, we then wield it and trance-end and include it.

All these things I am speaking to are largely hidden processes first of all, they take place in spaces and places that are very personal, secret and unseen to most.

It makes sense that the process of rebirth and transformation still have room to grow and be more honored on a planet where most of its people are still trying to remember or regain access to the spiritual sciences of organic eternal life and evolution.

And here in we find the KEY…… Back to the soil and mycelium….

If we break down the soils, by penetrating them (ie GAIAS WOMB) with the artificial chemicals (inverted life depleted false “masculine”), they will eventually become all but dead and lifeless… Why?

It’s a kind of extractive rape…. Not love making… In love making there is always exchange of life energy, which exponentially magnifies, hence its ability to produce a living breathing child, or other things utilizing correct wisdom.

Because it’s missing the, the mycelium’s and bacterias, the organic codes to continue the life process…

Because truly this is the Krystic principle, the Mycelium of the souls soils that is the spiraling of the veil, the Alpha and Omega within, breaking down of the layers of the ego and the former self that serve as the raw materials to build the bodies of higher and deeper dimensions.

In this same exact way this distorted growing process produces fake foods without nutrients that don’t actually nourish the body, the secret is all in the chemistry and communication…

Distorted spiritual teaching templates and codes have lacked the substance to connect beings to the organic eternal life experience. Like an ego death that feeds a parasite, rather than one that fuels the eternal light body.

So we ask now….

Can we deeply unconditionally those agents within us? Is there anger? Rage? Grief? Frustration? Fear? Ok great, be with that too, and then…

Unconditionally, honor, forgive all the ones of the past, both self and other that went through their deaths, rebirths, pains, breaking downs,

Or even those that still may be in this moment to allowing for the perfect revelation and life that is this current moment for you, for all?

Go deeper…. Can we unconditionally love and forgive the ones in us and others in the past that were disillusioned by the chemicals, the programs, the false promises and programs of the foods, money systems, religions, doctrines, friends, lovers, versions of ourselves and illusionary dreams we followed like dangling carrots.

But how and why?

Because it was all a gift for us to create the antibodies, the antivirus to the artificial….

As usual, it is through empathy, love and compassion that though transmutation we can bring those things and their power back into life within us.

Because it is the antibodies that reveal the new boundaries to say no to those things, to not continue to feed those things, to exercise the boundaries of the new templates, to ensure that our life energy feeds that which is truly soul nourishing.

It is ALL the experiences that got you HERE, that revealed the incredible beauty and wisdom you and we as a collective now hold. All these things that made your current soils that hold the roots of who you are now.

And it’s the integration of that same now more evolved process of transmutation, that will serve you moving forward, allowing you to continue to tap into the millions of years of intelligent evolution of the mycelial web of true Organic collective Christ consciousness that is rooted here on Gaia now.


Michael Inrstelr

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