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Sacred Sexuality Hieros Gamos Angelic Humans

If you have been experiencing a major shift in how you work with sexual energy at this time, honor that, there is major re-templating going as we heal from Eden Adam and Eve / Sirius B / Tower of Babel / Atlantis Splitting and reversal distortions.

The original “Human” template was 12 Strand Dna hence our current 12 based Zodiac which are each a DNA strand, and all of them were androgynous. (The disputed 13th sign is because it represents the force that begins to heal this break down) - [ ] Many of these these beings incarnated with Divine Counter parts, what could be called a genetic equal. This pairing would allow for more diverse synergy in working towards and with the future even more etheric 24- 48 strand dna founder beings on a more diverse level.

- [ ] When the genetic split occurred, many of these beings literally had their DNA physically severed, thus going through the experience of being torn from half of themselves, and thus their divine counter part as well.

- [ ] You see our world we experience is the synergy of our dna and the insides of other beings Dna. When the split occurred, the fabric of space time itself mirrored this and the matrix as we know it was created.

Even for those that weren’t part of the genetic equal path / split, many still are healing the splits in DNA still and it’s reverberations through the morphogenetic field.

This traumatically locked sexual energy into simply pleasure, shame, abuse or procreation loops and very limited bandwidths of polarity (hence Adam and Eve and the violent history since) This manifested in many of us as sexual trauma, broken dynamics in the wounded polarity of family units, and also major dissociation ation with mind and body, specifically through the way mental language and psychic body empathic light language work.

2 strand dna beings experience sexual energy based around the sun wounds from the Garden (Saturn / Satan vs Moon / Sin) shame, manipulation, and control split agenda and dynamics until these are integrated.

For the masculine aspect of self because this has been locked into mental confines of Language and programming, this can be healing being rejected or cut out due to its sexuality ( as it seeks to reunite with the cut off physical portions of being ) where for the feminine this can be healing being used only for its sexual nature as a the body seeks to reunite with its higher conscious mind.

Now, as many once again integrate the bigger aspects of these trauma, especially around the moon, Saturn, black moon, Lilith and Chiron portions of DNA, the true power, keys, codes, and subtle mechanics of working with integrated sexual energy.

12 strand beings work with Sexual energy based around it as the fabric of life itself. As wounds and trauma and portions of the codes are integrated, our auric fields and dna start to integrate with nature, the cosmos, our bodies, the earth, because we are literally re merging and Co creating once again as integrated beings.

As we heal integrate all the shadows from our birth charts, this gives us full access to cool Create with the cosmic forces associated with those codes consciously. From there we continue to Galactic, Universal etc hence 12,24,48 etc. 24-48 usually come in with mirrors / partners to allow for more complete multiverse co creating dynamics. (Possible video on this soon) Imagine for a second going from painting in black and white, simply using your paints to paint words and letters on to paper, to all of a sudden having a full pallet of paints, and realizing you can actually paint objects into existence….

Shame around sex? That’s because your body and divinity has been signaling sexual energy (which is what every single thing that exists is made of) is not meant to be trapped in a pleasure pain polarity matrix, it is meant for co creation with divinity based on the source and well of true love from within…but this is not just sex, this is all of life, we arent here to live and operate within simply a pleasure and pain based polarity, but always being in divine co creation. You are the phallus, the reality is the yoni, move towards that which ignites the inner child of pure magic produced from their union in your heart.

So many of you that have been feeling less sexual, may still be feeling creative lately, this is a process happening so that as sexual intimacy comes back online in a safe way, there can be a more complete inner standing of how this all merges once again as true world and universe builders of Dreamtime once again.

This process also is asking for working with the psychic empathic energy bodies and light languages in new ways, because this is where much of the sexual energy is now residing, as those new spaces are the aspects of self and DNA where the sexual energy was locked out of.

Many of you may be learning how to compartmentalize and form these energy fields into extensions of your self, learning to understand how these merge and feel interacting with other, the environment and the like.


Astara Inrstelr

Note: Deep Gratitude Original Artist For Image Unknown Please Feel Free To Reach Out If You Know, Or Are The Artist I would Love to Credit You

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