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Restoring Faith in The Benevolent Spirit Of Creation

Are you or someone you know seeking a deeper connection to faith in the often unseen, yet unknown supportive spiritual support available in every moment? Deeper cultivation of psychic, intuitive gifts? Or childlike joy and creative wonder and magic?

Around this time of year March - April of 2020, a pivotal moment in our recent history, a new series of powerful initiations began for me, as likely they did for many of you out there.

The C@vid scare was bringing about a shutdown of many daily operations in the states.

After I experienced a near death car accident, a powerful soul retrieval, and a rebirth. Many of my repressed psychic gifts rushed back in at a break neck pace. Thus ushered in a new series of Shamanic Initiations in my life.

I was presented with a a clear choice point. Spirit told me I was to leave the materially seemingly safe and secure place I was staying in Austin and head back to Asheville. This made no logical sense to me considering what was happening in the world at the time, but I stayed open to magic, I kept my faith.

Within 24 hours, everything started to unfold. A ride to Asheville appeared out of the blue. Still not even knowing if we would be able to get gas as everything continued to shut down. I kept the faith and followed spirits guidance. Spirit continued to take care of things as I kept the faith, the initiation deepened.

Leaving Austin heading north. I saw these incredibly beautiful flowers on the side of the roads. Spirit said clearly then… pick some.. and make a special tincture… you will need it… I followed the guidance.

I did some research on the flower. Its common name was Indian paintbrush. I had never heard of it. Ironically it was known to assist with trust in spirit and the unseen, unknown, the intuitive, as its incredible color seems to exist in multiple dimensions.

(When we open to listen we are always being guided and assisted)

As the trip and initiations continued, with the flower, with Spirit, Christ, Gaia, God, my guides, my mentor, my higher-self.

This ended up leading to a extremely powerful moment where I was shown clearly and told part of my role here and the reason for the specific initiation during this intense time in our planet’s evolution was to assist others in connecting to a similar type of faith in God(ess)/ Source / Christ and the benevolent spiritual forces always supporting us.

Everything was taken care of as I kept the faith and has continued since.

Years later now. The Indian Paintbrush is back in full bloom stronger than I have ever seen on the land I am staying. I was again asked to create a new remedy with it.

This time a flower essence.

And yet once again we are at a new powerful turning point in our planets evolution. With the old financial system now collapsing, and so much societal / political unrest.

The need for faith and connection to spirit are greater than ever, along with bringing them into practical embodiment in our daily lives. This is how the New Earth is anchored here.

I can see so many of the layers of why I have been called to do this now. This Indian paintbrush essence is extra special in many ways.

The Prayers and Energy Encoded Medicine

In this recent 4/4 portal we stepped into a number of powerful energies that are captured in the prayer of this medicine. This is both a Solar and Lunar and Star Medicine essence.

The flowers Carefully picked in morning dew (which is known to capture Star and moon light energetics) placed in fresh spring water and then brought inside kept in the dark. Then charged under the light of the full moon and many stars out here in the big Texas sky at night.

This recent full moons position plays a key role. In sign of Venus ruled Libra on the gate of intuition. Using the reflective power of the moon and stars to assist one in opening one up deeper to their intuitive facilities. Simultaneously Venus sat hovering over the Seven Sisters of the Plea-dies transitioning from Taurus to Gemini. Also while Pallas Athena Goddess of Wisdom conjunct the fixed Star of Sirius.

Finally allowed to stay in the Sun light just as it rose the next morning. Imprinting all these energies along with the flowers into the water, finished with special songs and prayers as the brandy is added to preserve the mother essence.

Next the brandy is added to preserve the mother under this years portent Ostara / Easter portal leading to the 10th and 11th Sun Jupiter Conjunction in Aries expanding the inner light and wisdom of joy, detachment and celebration of moment to moment unfolding.

This upcoming Solar eclipse on April 20th is one of the most potent and impactful in many years and for many years to come, as the Sun and Moon will Square Pluto. The effects and unfolding of this eclipse will continue over the next few years.

The final anchoring of cosmic and divine joy and innocence on a collective consciousness level. For this is the way that corruption will be fully neutralized on the New Earth.

Of course this happens thru each one of us as we water and tend to the seed within.

So if you or someone you know (gift) may want some assistance being opened up to deeper levels of faith in the unseen, unknown, psychic / intuitive faculties. Or gentle activations of the lights we all hold within illuminating one’s path to that next step as they are held by spirit…. This is for you.

The first batch I made of this years ago was only offered specifically for certain 1:1 clients of mine, now it’s clearly time to make this prayer more available and spread it. And for anyone called to allow this to be an opening to work deeper with me I am open to that possibility as well.