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Resolving the Great Drama

It’s taken me some time now to remember more of what happened before some of the great catastrophes that lead to the creation of “our current universe” which is finally now being restored / repaired / and reconnected to the evolving higher octaves. As usual there is much more than can be contained in a simple post of this kind, but I will do my best to share what has come through as important for now. Key Topics DNA Catastrophe Imprints Past Life Memories / Lack of “Twins” / False Twins / #SoulBraids Lyra / Andromeda / Sirian / #Orion Royal Family / Genetic Corruption Arranged Marriage Atlantis / Lemuria #Masculine Performance / #Failure #Shame #Feminine Womb / Creation Disconnect #BirthTrauma #Clones Incubators #ADHD #Asthma Communications Issues And More Lets start with the high level meta, and then move to the more “human” pieces Many of you once existed in a reality / world / state of co-creating much of the world around you / dreaming / singing the world into being in “real time” at a much faster pace right in front of your eyes. Your body and DNA like an instrument writing / painting the world into being. ( This is of course still happening right now) however many have been disconnected or locked out of certain aspects of it, slowing it down, making it more challenging. The Metatron Collective (Metatron, Michael, #Melchizidek) have long since been tasked with building, developing, evolving the spiritual architecture of this and various other universes. Working on the portals, stargates, Organic Servers, Galactic Ley lines of energy for travel and experience of this and other universes. There were royal families, ones that were chosen for specific genetic traits to assist evolving the genetic imperative, the evolution of consciousness and experience for all life, and all beings. Many of these royal families were mainly connected to Lyra, Sirius, and Orion. One of the central tasks was to assist in deepening and evolving the direct connection beings had to source within them. In these families there were arranged marriages. At one point, there was a particular arranged important marriage where one or both of the parties involved refused due to a set of complex circumstances connected to love / attraction / values / etc. The merging of genetic code in this marriage was planned to remedy a certain corruption in the genetic code at that time. When this arrange marriage couldn’t be remedied, there were decisions made to try to remedy the Genetic issue artificially via editing the code and cloning. Everyone involved knew that this would fail, however, there was no other options. The #Metatron collective was tasked with editing this code, given orders by those councils in charge at the time. As stated, everyone knew it would fail, but there were no other options, and no one could predict how bad it would truly be. This lead to the catastrophic collapse of a #Stargate between #Lyra and #Andromeda, which upset the balance of the universe so greatly, many perished and it lead to the creation of a dualistic / polarized / binary code based (good vs evil) based Universe, a more corrupted form where many beings ended up trapped and locked there due to the trauma of the collapse, forgetting much of who they were, fragmented from other aspects of themselves, loved ones, and unable to function as who and what they once were. Earths “history” / civilization as most know it, is the result of that collpase and the efforts to restore / repair and evolve things. (This is also the origin of the story of the Dwarf Planet Sedna and the cutting off of her fingers which lead to creating the Animals of the Ocean, which is actually the severing of a much larger body and the creation of the Zodiac) Many here hold trauma, shame, blame, anger, and all other sorts of things from the collapse. Many are connected to DNA linages connected to different people and roles in the above drama, the royals, the councils, those of the arranged marriage, the Metatron collective, members of Andromeda, Lyra, even just “random beings” from various places. So lets talk about key ways they have shown me this has been showing up and healing lately in the collective. Let's start the big one : Birth Issues (trigger warning, even writing this my heart begins to race and my body tenses up as I heal more of this myself) Imagine being a very highly evolved vast etheric being… almost like a nebulous angelic cloud of energy stretched out into the vast expanse of nature, even into the stars…. Floating, flying through the dimensions in a heavenly bliss, Now imagine the very fabric of space time shifting, ripping and tearing you away from part of your body suddenly without warning…. But yet, you are an immortal being… So the vast intelligence of life and the divine itself sends you to incarnate and repair the issue. All of a sudden you are coming out of your mothers womb in a flesh suit. For many the sudden trauma imprints manifested in their unique birth scenario, birth complications…where there were once vast etheric angelic wings, all of a sudden are lungs made of flesh, reaching out for the rest of your wings, you have trouble breathing, the trauma of the fallen Stargate manifests as the doctor cutting your umbilical chord (something that ideally should be allowed to dry and fall away on its own when the child is ready, or reaching out for other parts of your body and the body of the divine mother, but you are met with a corrupted code that manifests in your reality as a mechanical incubator… the trauma of this could manifest as something like ADHD, or Asthma and a number of other issues. The Metatron Collective Many of you may be releasing shame / blame / guilt of “failure” in repairing / writing the new code leading to the collapse, performance anxiety, the courage to stand up to authority. This could show up in jobs, relationships, or various other things. Bring the unconditional love of source into these places within you. For it truly was all part of a much greater unfolding and has lead to the intended solution that is here now anyways. It all was always part of the greater divine plan. Womb Issues Females or androgynous beings with womb architecture. You may be healing things related to connection to bearing children / birthing creative projects / sexual creative energy, rebelling, defying traditional ways, norms in society or relationships as you heal the linage of the couple that said no to the arranged marriage. This is to lead to your wholeness, hires gamos, and inner sovereignty. Authority Those with the connections to the royals may be healing contempt for those reeling or going against the norm, or choosing to go their own way towards more Soverignty and healing codependency in relationships. Or on the other side struggling to become ones own authority without external leadership. Soul Braids Many of you who’s souls were fragmented in the catastrophe may be going through a “Soul Braid” process, this is where a higher dimensional beings energy comes into assist in repairing and reconnecting you to the soul fragments of yourself in other dimensions. This is also the “avatar birthing” process. This can also manifest as what seems like a “twin flame” journey, where the partner serves as a channel / conduit for fragments of your shadow body, or fragments that are asking for repair, rebirth, embodiment etc. Memories / Lack of As healing of these things occur you may start to awaken memories , feelings, sensations from fragments of yourself / past / simultaneous lives from the being you were before the catastrophes, and or the being assisting you in the Soul Braid process. For those from various places within the systems, Lyra, #Sirius, Andromeda etc. The Stargate has been repaired, which means as the trauma is faced, you now have the ability to remember and regain access to various aspects of yourself. 2/2 Peace Between The Twins and #Atlantis and #Lemuria The last few years especially have been deeply immeshed with various layers of Galactic, Earthly and other multidimensional drama between “Twins” (flames, souls, rays etc). Playing out back and forth one the stage of many relationships. This drama may have revealed it played out over many incarnations, planets, and the like. This included all kinds of shadowy materials, betrayals, jealousy, love triangles, entanglements and much more. Again, most originating back to this ancient royal drama. Atlantis and Lemuria This also manifested as the various catastrophes / attempted repairs in Atlantis and Lemuria. The various royal and relational dramas there. The challenges between these two civilizations, the beings of the heart / waters, those of the technologies, land and architecture. You also may want to take note of how these themes are playing out on the current world stage. I will tell you certainly, the answers to all of it are in your self work, and how that will lead to your ability to reconnect and embody these greater aspects of who you are. The New Heaven and New Earth. Finally, Many of you may ask… Why? Why would something like this happen? Or some specifics related to the various roles in the story and how / what could have been done different / better. What I have been shown is that on the highest level, the imperative of Prime Creator / Source, was actually too manifest what has been taking place now. Which was essentially a true “cure” for the corruption ( WITHIN ALL BEINGS / PARTIES ) in the genetic code that was in one way or another in the universal fractal present in all those involved in the drama. The only way to prevent something like this from ever happening again, was for it to happen, so that the “anti virus” if you will could be manufactured organically within the Human Genome.

This post is being made in conjunction right now between a great friend and soul family ally of mine Valerie Esther on behalf of the newly developing peace, alliances and healing of the masculine collectives. It’s time to move forward in balance, and harmony. I also want to personally thank all those in my life who have played a part in reflecting and repairing some of these portions within myself, themselves, and for the collectives. Both your “Human” and “Higher” Selves Bless Michael

Disclaimer: Any information in this post is not meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent any medical illness, disease or condition.


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