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Pleiadian Arcturian Message and Activation For The Family of Light December 2020

Thank you for your connection to receive this very special revelation from the angelic light council of the Arcturian Pleiadian healing channel. We have a message surrounding the current transitional phase that we as a Galaxy are in at this time, that is unfolding within your species, and on your planet in this moment. We have placed something very important within your genetic coding for your reception, and in involves the idea of family on your planet.

Soon there will be a growing acceptance from many beings on your planet muti-dimeisonally, within their natural spaces of their current Galactic family lineages. This is happening as more density continues to be cleared from personal and planetary fields. As this unfolds, it is important to begin to see this all from this much higher vantage point. What has once seemed very personal for many of you will start to become clear in its connections to Galactic Dramas, that have been unfolding through your individual lives. This is the larger reason many of you have decided to incarnate in this time and space on earth.

As Galactic Karma is cleared, greater and greater assistance will become more and more apparent as the service you are providing, although has come with its difficulties and challenges, also comes with equal and greater reward.

We will be showing those of you that are doing this work exactly what is needed at each juncture, to properly incarnate greater and greater portions of your expanding multidimensional awareness.

Many of you have only just scratched the surface of the unfolding drama.

As the story lines unfold, key pieces will tigger important abilities, and awareness within the higher density fields. Allow them to come alive within your like precious flowers that will provide the needed keys for others that surround you.

We also wish to share that courage, is more important that ever before in your history, and her story. The courage to leap into places within that may make but little sense to your rational mind.

Allow the feminine within you to receive messages, care for her within you as she will broth your new worlds, in which your personal masculine will then build externally.

As these revelations are externalized, so shall the new world be built. Your power is much greater than it appears at any moment, and as each piece is received, the nessecery forces will move into place and build what is needed to build and play out these new Dharmic paths.

Please allow your selves the space alone to receive what is needed. Tuning out of the collective frequencies of the past that are washing away, and staying open to the shifts moment by moment, as new waves of higher density become available as you go deeper into the cells of your personal bodies to ground these layers into reality.

These waves will engulf you as do waves of the ocean, at moments you may be over taken in them, while in the next, clearing to allow for your rational mind to make sense of them.

Your hearts are becoming receivers that are extensions of the pineal gland. The receiving of these frequencies within your bodies water. Rippling out new patterns that will in turn, be built around you. The new world world first becomes an energy pattern of light and sound within your cells, and this magnetically draws the necessary support and connections to actualize the blueprint, just as a seed does.

Listen carefully with your entire body, and allow this new world to birth through you and your new families.

The family of light is coming into a new formation. At this time there are many that have only just entered into the galactic awareness for the first time, and they will require more care that those with more easily accessible ancient memory, like children in adult bodies.

The code of awakening family is As Ten A Te Yo Ke May Yo This is a genetic coding trigger for calling in new family members into their respective places within a linage.

Use this if there is confusion about someones place within their galactic heritage.

This will also trigger needed cellular memory for their next phase of activation and release of fear around it.

Lastly, we wish to offer you an opening prayer for the awakening of the family of light heart repair code.

For those that are having issues and disagreements, as many have been during this shift. We offer you to sing together this prayer.

Once in the life of another I loved through you the womb of our great mother My heart is your heart as we beat as one To the eternal unfolding of the cosmic heart drum

We love together, a galactic family All children of her light from above The less we can hear the cry’s of our hearts pain The more we feel together in this cosmic hearts rain 
May your blessing be mine And mine yours As the edges of our hear come together Like the great ocean shores.

#Pleiadian #Arcturian Message and Activation For The Family of Light

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