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Are you ready for the most TRANSFORMATIVE month of 2020 Yet? I hope you have enjoyed the eye of the shift storm for the past few weeks! Strap into your galactic seats cause that’s exactly what it’s been, the calm eye of the SHIFT STORM.

This month is filled with re-winding retrogrades, #Scorpionic rebirthing, and Uranian unexpected. You best bet Ur anus (master of shiftstorms) is getting his shift on before he takes full control on December 21st.

Things start to snap crackle and pop, as we begin October on September 29th as Satan…uughem… I mean….#Saturn (just kidding love your cold discipline Saturn) goes direct in #Capricorn in the middle it’s Square to #Marsretrograde in #Aries (aka #Archangel Michael)…..

Let’s give a little bit of background for you folks that haven’t been following this years ceremonial happenings in the sky that mirror directly here on earth.

The first half of the summer we saw a total reinvention of our inner feminine value systems with the Venus retrograde that had its peak transformations around the June Solar eclipse in Cancer. Wasn’t that a sweet Pleadian karmic Venus retrograde we all had? ( I made a post about how the Hator collective was essential to these upgrades)

Thank Magdelna for that feminine make over / upgrade so that we can have the beautiful emotional support we have now. It paved the way to help us move into the reinvention and total remake of the masculine that is happening now.

- The alchemy of the back to back? -

Break down the outdated feminine for reinvention. Then break down the outdated masculine for reinvention. To ideally bring things into a harmonious balance before we step into the New Aquarian age in December.

This balancing of the masculine and feminine will be anchored in frequencies radiating out from key couples that carry ancient codes of a Priestess and Priesthood going back past the Pre-atlantian fall and back into Galactic origins of pairs of beings that would build entire realities in service to the divine mother Sophia.

We need to keep in mind that Gaia / Sophia and the Galatic Councils that serve her creation process, are birthing TOTALLY NEW WORLDS AND DIMENSIONS THROUGH US. In order to understand the immensity of what is coming online through many of us here is an analogy.

Think about how different it would be to go from building and living in a world of LEGO blocks, to remembering how to build a in a virtual reality world??? Yes we are going into a WHOLE NEW AGE…..This means, new rules, new laws, new bodies, new characters, new everything….. Like going from Coffee to DMT…..

Allow these things to come online from deep within your bones. As the old structures within you crumble creating fuel for the new ones, what is possible is almost unfathomable at this point in many ways still.

Wait what? Did he just say the Age of Aquarius? (Insert 5th Dimension Let The Sunshine in here)

What themes were present for you in your life around August 19th of this year?

(Maybe scroll back in that facebook timeline if you can’t remember)… There's been a whole lot of memes to distract you since then).

In mid August we saw the start of the break down of major aspects of the crusty old #Partriarchy while our drive, passion, and ego (MARS) raged against the machine of the old systems that have been crumbling ever since the Saturn #Pluto conjunction in January (back when I told everyone this year would be like an #Ayahuasca ceremony and January 12th 2020 was the first cup).

When ya boy Mars (aka Sun Zu Art of War) squared #Zeus, #Chronos, and Hades in Capricorn back in August, they were all retrograde. Thankfully the Wise Galactic council ushered the darkest of the Old Bloodsuckers off of this planet in secret behind the veil for good at this time. We also saw the fulfillment of our X-Men like super powers come online.

So yeah basically, back in August our drive, and passion was all Superman-ing the shit out of our lives, while the system was starting to break down and in Total review because (yeah don’t fuck with Superman).

Now our drive, ego and passion is under review and going to re-square all these planets again, while they are direct. Which means the system is starting to move forward again, but we are figuring out what we really want amidst the system starting to turn back on….

What does this mean?

Saturns position in this square is about the tendency of structures to try to enforce compliance to ensure a lasting influence. A pressure to resent challenges and demand acceptance. Aka, the old Patriarchal Saturnian ways are trying to stay in place amidst a total evolution of human consciousness and awareness.

Our old internal structures that kept us safe are trying to stay in place, as a whole new us is birthing.

This is actually VERY important for us while our drive and passion and ego are now deeply internal. Why? Because there is still deep levels of truth in certain aspects of the old way, the old structures. Some structures so old we forgot them! Saturn has its place, it can’t just be about the egos expectations. Maybe Superman can get rid of Clark Kents cheesy fake glasses, but still has to keep the suit?

There will always be a need for order amongst the chaos. This is forcing our inner masculine to really go deeply internal to get to the bottom of what is important in its self actualization. The world is never going back to “Normal” now we GET to BIRTH the #NEW WORLD.

With Saturn finally direct, we can feel like there is the support we need to bring new structures into our lives, but with with Mars square and still retrograde, things don’t really look like what we want want, and were also not even sure what we want them to look like really.

This may feel especially difficult in this moment as Mars is making a Quincunx to #Venus in #Leo. Our inner playful, expressive, creative child like feminine DEEPLY wants to SAY YES to many aspects of what is in our heart. But there is an overcautiousness present because our hearts saying YES, just doesn’t quite line up with what the expectations of our inner masculine ego wants. Why? Our inner masculine is still in its recovery process. It doesn’t really know what it wants in this moment because its going through a total overhaul readjusting to the world as the world around it comes back online.

To see more deeply into why our heart is being cautious about saying yes. We must pull in the recent aspects of where Venus is located now making this Quincunx.

August 17th…..

What were you doing on that day? Something came online for you that day as Mercury Conjunct the Sun in Leo… on the SAME PLACE that the HUGE SOLAR ECLIPSE happened in 2017…

On August 17th, this Mercury conjunction ended that karmic cycle, finally bringing a new light into the heart of your inner child back from a huge transformation. This conjunction was on Regulus…Thus the Return Of The Lion King (Piscean Christ was born from a Virgo Virgin, and The Aquarian Christos is Born from the Lion Heart) Allowing us to mentally see what our heart wants as we step into the Aquarian age. Because with the heart of a Lion, we are becoming Co-creator Goddesses.

Cue pic of Golden baby Jesus in his Golden Baby Diaper (with music from the Lion King)

Venus our inner feminine is in that same area of the zodiac saying, can we really say yes to this? Is it safe? My ego isn’t sure because it looks like its just going to be a repeat of the way it was in that last cycle that was SO PAINFUL!

Time for Simba to face his inner Scars.

But, as this year has probably shown you. Those very painful experiences were literally in a different world, with a different you. Back before you had your super powers, and the wisdom you now have. Use that guiding light of your inner child in your heart to persist, and move forward, because even though it can’t see how what it knows can be safe and true based on the way things look out there in the big scary world now, there IS MUCH TO STILL BE REVEALED, that will support that inner child as it persists in saying yes.

Because truly it is the light of that inner child that is the quantum magic that has the power to change the world with the newfound wisdom of your inner wise adult self that is coming back online now. Where once you were in a place of the “controlling gods and archons” beating you down via a painful training initiation. YOU ARE NOW STEPPING INTO THE POSITION OF THE GODS within your world by the integration of those sessions.

All these very intense squares with Saturn are pure alchemy, the “light” and the “dark” squaring off to birth the Christic child. As any good alchemist knows. Saturn aka Satan, is the Cube / Cross, this is why if you unfold a cube you get a cross, and why Christ was said to die on a cross / tree. These Squares aka Cubes, are literally the folding in of the sides of the cube to create the alchemical pressure that is needed (see pics below). This is why Chiron (the KEY) is playing such a huge part in all this Chiron aka Chi-Rist-on is that which lets us go from the bounds of Saturn to the freedom of Uranus. We do this by transmuting poison into medicine.

Here is a plot twist, this “new” world, is in many ways ALREADY HERE.(Some of your like my self have actually visually seen, felt or experienced it in small waves already)

Saturns Cube is a Hex or a Bind (got your panties in a bunch yet?) … Aka Hexgram. This Hex is described in many a story, Uranus getting castrated (aka Circumcision YUP THATS WHY IT’S PRACTICED) by his son Saturn, stories of Enki (Aquarius / Uranus) and Enlil (Saturn / Capricorn). The Hex on the Sex, prevents a full flowing or experience of the “new” world. Uranus is connected to the Third eye, which allows the pineal / pituitary to fully turn on because the hex is around the heart, and a complete circuit of heart / brain coherence is what is needed to turn on the Pineal gland like a transistor to TUNE into this new world.

Finally for these aspects unfolding on September 29th, we get a message from our divine child himself Mercury, about what this coming month of transformation will be about.

DIVINE UNION…. Mercury meets up with Juno, the loyal wife of Zeus in the underworld. This is about coming into the TOTALITY of who we are. Our inner passionate, sexual warrior rising up from the ashes of the underworld after all the transformation we went through back in 2016, 2017, 2018.

Mercury is about to go into Retrograde in the passionate, sexual, shamanic, underworld of Scorpio. As it steps into shadow, this conjunction gives us a message about what is to come though. Juno is about renewal, the 3rd stage of our inner feminine that is about tantric union and the transformation of selfish desire through cooperative union. The positions of these transits are about bringing our inner Lightwarrior online through honor and total integrity.

Are you ready to perform the alchemical marriage with your inner masculine and feminine within? Some are here to do this work and have these codes. Others are not. (Don’t worry if you aren’t, those that are will be opening portals for others to step through and also removing both planetary and personal hexes)

One thing is certain for those that are awake and aware, there will be some aspect of alchemical transformation available to you during this Mercury retrograde. (Spoiler alert The Full Moon on October 1st and October 31st are both 3rd Eye Related)

(If you want some more back story about some of this ancient coding reawakening check this out….)

As usual, I offer my spiritual gifts through my work. If you had an opportunity to pinpoint the personal or ancestral trauma, programming and conditioning within your spiritual and emotional bodies and transmute them so that you could be a even more expanded and upgraded version of your self, is that something you would be interested in? Message me for details.

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