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New Masculine Feminine Templates

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

It's time to go extra deep into this process I have shared about in my past few posts. Many of you are experiencing the shift into the new world, and with that, many of you are also experiencing the birth of the Solar Christos Sophia anchoring into your being to bring this new world into view / form.

This can be experienced as going from external sourcing that keeps on locked into a state of being manipulated by, black snake / polarity/ good vs evil / consciousness / metatronic / narcissist web / negative alien agenda…. Into fully sourcing self / creator from within trinary DNA / holy trinity within.

This is a total reversal of energy flow, from more external seeking, to internal fulfillment. The simplest way to see this, is as the adage of going from a cup that needs to be filled from a sink, to one that can fill itself eternally from within. Many people talk about being able to “fill their own cup” but this is on a whole other level with the advent of the birth of ones avatar, and their individual part in embodying a cosmic consciousness, to re-embody their connection to eternal life.

These are very complex dynamics going on right now, and especially during Mercury retrograde, forgive me if this is confusing, I am also working on a video going into this in other ways as well.

; What I really wanted to talk about though is deeper layers of how this is playing out through the masculine (consciousness) and feminine (form) at this time. In order to get to this stage in ascension and evolution, it has required for most, the literal fighting of psychic / emotional wars within, fiercly cutting away, transmuting, very intense dark forces, and entities we each have connections to via our genetic lineages, but doing so anchored in the frequency of unconditional love. This is the transmutation of Saturns Cubic 3D Matrix (lifting of the veil)….

The more and more that gets cleared, the more and more one may realize the intense amounts of dark manipulation that have been going on, both to oneself, this planet, and those they love most.

With Mars in Cancer ahead of Venus that just recently enter into Cancer, the Masculine aspect of consciousness has been leading the way in this war, forging ahead as its protector / "transmuter" nature does.

Where our feminine (Venus) has been learning how to reconnect to its own form and recovering as the manipulation / pain / trauma body is cleared and starts to develop a new language of feeling based on self sourcing.

This can be confusing on many levels especially as:

As the masculine continues to clear and this path and truly see what has been happening, it looks to the feminine and wants to protect and defend the feminine as to prevent this from ever happening again, while also looking for connection / soothing from the intensity of war. Where the feminine, is seeking to make sense of what’s has been happening, and learns how to protect it self before it invites back in the protection of the masculine.

It also means our minds are learning how to communicate better with our bodies getting on the same page, while also learning how this new aspect of self and reality operates. Keep in mind that this can mirror in external relationships, but it A lot of this is because, the differences in energy dynamics as one shifts from external sourcing founded around being a host for manipulation from outside vs internal sourcing can be so very subtle.

For example, there is protection… Coming from Internally sourced masculine protection, that is from a place of unconditional love and seeks to prevent manipulation. Then there is protection stemming from a place of fear….(based around things like “needing the other for something” ie like a drug addict protecting its supply.

From the feminine side, there is similar subtleties. For the Divine Feminine deeply wants to give, and connect. And, it wants to do so from a place that is real, authentic, and from its own infinite internal source as well.

It’s important that both sides of us learn to have patience for the other in this process, as the masculine and feminine are going through this process to make space for the third thing to come into embodiment. The masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and others are learning a new subtle language.

I have been flooded lately with deeper and deeper aspects and pieces of this process and what’s going on right now, but maybe that will be for another post.

What I wish to say in closing, is that we will see this process majorly shift phases in the next month or so, as Mars moves into Leo, where the masculine will become much more playful, and creative, and alive, leading the way in its Divine King more easily. Venus will continue to take extra care in exploring these new territories of its emotional waters, until the two finally come together in Leo in late June into July.


Astara Irstelr

Note: Deep Gratitude Original Artist For Image Unknown Please Feel Free To Reach Out If You Know, Or Are The Artist I would Love to Credit You

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