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Initiation of the Sacred Heart Fire


“Something deep, hidden, forgotten, ancient can be found within the depths of many of our hearts. Something that required an incredible multi-year, multi-lifetime alchemical process, in order to take it through its rebirth. Similar the blood and tears of many deceased elves and orcs in the new lord of the rings series that sheds on to the misty mountains, eventually compressed by time, heat and fire, only to alchemize into the metal deep under the most sacred ancient tree of your nervous system that would one day be crafted into the rings of power that would eventually end the great wars.”

This is a section of a post I made last month about the eclipse portal we are in. Of course the Eclipses have officially ended, however this eclipse portal from my assessment extended in phase 1 tell this upcoming New Moon, then phase 2 until January 12th 2023, and phase 4 until June 2023, phase 5 into March of 2024. You can check out the post here.

I have referenced this quote because I can sense we are in a new phase related to this specific energy I referenced here. Which I am now referring to the Initiation of the Sacred Heart Fire. For those with a deeper knowledge of Ancient and Galactic History, this all connects to what has been called Starfire, in the movie dune “the spice”, or the “5th Element”. In truth, its what the holy wars we’re really about hunting down the Priory of Zion, it’s why AN the first Ancestor split the 4 elements into the 4 races, the list of connections could just continue, but that feels sufficient.

Over the last 30 - 60 days roughly, there is something that many of us have been asked to retrieve from the depths of our souls, our inner soils, hearts, wombs… someplace hidden and or forgotten within the depths of our inner space, for each of you, for many of you, this is and has been something very personal to your souls journey over many lifetimes. That something is akin energetically to the embers of our heart fires. Our own personal Spark in The Arc of our inner covenant with source. That which drives and empowers all that we are from within the deepest core of our being.

You may be finding that your higher self and the world around you has both been totally shutting down the old comfortable ways that weren’t serving the truth of who your soul knows it is here to be, and also that the universe is providing you with all of the light and other tools shining forth into where it is destined to go.

As we come into this New Moon, you may have been sensing some sort of anxiety or unease within your heart (this might continue tell around the 28th or 29th in varying degrees). This is likely because some aspect of the next phase of these initiations or personal adventure or joruney must be done “alone”. Knowing the depths of these energies and eclipse aspects, some of you may even be facing pieces around death and mortality and with that, what does or doesn’t come with or after that… but those of you carrying the sacred heart fire know the gift of eternal life.

But walking into the next initiation “alone”?

Even hearing this for many of you might trigger and bring up more material around this piece just simply due to the nature of the current energies. Many right now are yearning more than ever for some sort of deeper connection to “tribe” or “community” or “family” in some way. You may be sitting with what you know must be done next and be thinking or feeling, but I thought it would happen with this ( friend, lover, family, etc )… from what I have been shown, that will come…. It is coming….

But this must happen in this way first. Why one might ask? Let thine eye be single….

One simple word…. Invincibility…

What is happening now is a merging of the fires of the heart and the mind. The alinement and attunement of a certain aspect of you as a “weapon” or instrument of divine love. I choose to use the word weapon there because there is a compassionate fierceness that comes with the integration of this totality of who you are now, and this aspect of you can defend the inner child and other innocents if need be. And when this aspect of you chooses to align mind, heart, soul, root, creative life force with the love of God Source within you… can become a truly invincible instrument, an arrow that will never miss its mark, because the mark is the bulls eye, which is source, witch is invincible.

Now that you have retrieved that sacred ember from your depths, and have stoked the sacred fires, purified the old coals, cleansed and warmed your self… now you must walk alone into the dark with the new embers, to retrieve more wood, facing whatever may present itself. Most of you now carrying this spark are also aware, that darkness in reality is simply the un-manifest pure potential waters of the womb, so carry the ember with steadfast compassion towards where your heart guides, and let the mind serve the harmony of all life. Often times to truly KNOW that invincibility to the depths of our core these types of experiences must be met.

As we move forward into coming years and transits, you will be grateful for these experiences now, because when that community, tribe, family, lover, is in the equation , the experiences you encounter will ask that you come to the table holding the frequency of that invincibility so as not to have that sacred fire blown out, or blown into an uncontrollable forest fire, but simply held steady and wielded in the most sacred of ways.


Michael Inrstelr


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