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From Discordant Trinity To Sovereign Unity

I am called to share a bit about the completely new templates that are active now, and also some about how we go here as I have been shown.

(Once upon a timelessness...) Source emerged into three primary principles.

Positive, Negative, Neutral Mother, Father, Child Electric, Magnetic, Space Space,Time,Observer

In The Keylontic System these would be (Eckatic, Polaric and Triadic) etc etc…. Moving forward I will refer to these as the BIG THREE

A being of unfathomable intelligence, then wanted to create more versions of itself, its inner child wanted to play, its inner wife wanted a husband, and so on....

Because there was truly only one thing, there needed to be a rather complex trick / illusion to pull this off. The illusion and thus a rift / discord of THE BIG THREE… a seemingly unique / separate directive of each of these forces within creation.

Then “Galactic history” as we know it unfolds…( founder races, heavenly factions, oraphim, seraphim, dragons, lions, aliens, angles, demons and so on….)

These primary directives manifested in various races of beings as Service to Other, Service to Self, And Service Neutral…

The various weights and measures of the three created the unfolding of all the Earthly and Galactic Dramas we are all aware of.

(Orion Reptilian Wars / Dramas, Twin Flames, Egyptian Dramas, Atlantian Lemurian, Modern Relationship Polarity, Republican Democrat, North Vs South etc…..)

The “Point” if you will of all of this if you will, was a massive Multiversal Alchemy, to allow for eventual creation of multiple unique sovereign versions of source. However like any alchemy there needed to be a separation first, so then these things could later recombine into one (to create the unique sovereign beings)….

What has happened now here on this planet / in this timeline, is enough beings here have become unique sovereigns in order to change the entire template of creation, a reunification / coherence of THE BIG THREE, into ONE FLUID KRYSTALLINE PLASMA substance with much different laws / rules for creation.

How this may look on a personal level?

Many of you may have or be finishing processing / healing / clearing memories of your various personal / lineage roles in this going all the way back to source. Going from here backwards down the genetics in order to unify these energies within. Because this is a merging of (Service to Other / Self / Neutral )

This could look like owning once again, aspects of displaced or dissociated aspects of your inner Queen or King or Child (No matter your gender) this could look like owning YOUR ROLE AS SOURCE aka YOU CREATED IT ALLLLLLLLLLL, thus owning all aspects of betrayals, sexual traumas, wars, manipulation (from various timelines), it could also look like owning your personal Queen that is a Bougie Diva, or your Inner King that once was or has the ability somewhere within to be a fierce Warrior if need be, your inner one “DOESN'T CARE”…. Thus owning your rage and anger fully because it is displaced aspects of self, so you can FULLY INCARNATE SOURCE WITHIN.

Because a true sovereign source is ALL OF IT, Service to Self (Magnetic Negative Feminine Taking Reception, Service to Other (Positive Masculine Electric Giving) Service Neutral ( Observer / Child / Tension that allows for the other two to exist) It's always been and always will be ALL WITHIN YOU, UNITY IS NOW HERE……..

Michael Inrstelr


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