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Founders Council Great Mutation Timelines Transition Update

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Once again we the founders council have a special update for those currently going through the transitions currently taking place on your Earth timeline.

Since the beginning, we have allowed for there to be a grand unfolding of many timelines and a witness of cosmic forces playing out through vast dramas over many centuries on your planet, our planet…. This all has come to a special juncture. Soon there will be announcements of contact with many races, many extraterrestrial races on your planet.

We wish for you all to be aware that some of the information will be presented in ways that may have many confusing distortions. This is a natural part in healing certain distortions present within the way genetic structures have evolved on your planet.

There have been proper measures taken by our council along with those we work with to clear the distortions from the field in a manner that is congruent with the best possible outcome for all those who these shifts with effect.

At key times within the next phase, very important codes will unlock certain memories, abilities, levels of Multi-dimensional layers of various realities and timelines. This allows for those involved to follow a course of evolution that best suits their unique needs.

For those that wish to continue in the pathway towards a more collective and unified intelligence, or those that wish to harmonize with more selfish choices. All options will be available. This way each sovereign being is given exactly what is needed to serve their unique needs.

Everyone on your planet remains in a state of free will. All all will be presented with the choices of leaving or staying with the many various possibilities that are present at this juncture.

From after the point in which you refer to as The Great Conjunction. The rules and laws of space time will be permanently altered. Allowing for never before possible leaps in conscious evolutionary advancement.

We as the founders have a vested interest in the proper unfolding of this juncture due to its abilities to assist resolving many layers of distortion across so many timelines, in so many locations, and in so many races that have been in place since our own creation.

Once this date and transition is complete. There will be waves of rapid evolution within your genetic systems, to hold man new faculties or perception and experience.

Team members are in place around your planet to initiate, guide, and assist in these key developments, and juncture points.

As you open further to receive these developments, your needs will be met. Travel to inter-dimensional and other earth realms along with off planet travel will become frequent and normal in due time.

Trust that what you need is already inside of you and those that will assist will be there to point you within to those spaces or to trigger your own knowing.

We are and have always been available for those that are ready to listen, and communicate with us.

Invite us, and we shall connect with you.

Listen and we will speak with you.

- Galactic Founders Council


Note: Deep Gratitude Original Artist For Image Unknown Please Feel Free To Reach Out If You Know, Or Are The Artist I would Love to Credit You

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