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Founders Council Aquarian Heart Template Coding

We the founders council on Lyra would like to update you pertaining to the new energetic template of unconditional love stemming from the coding within the heart that is now active on your planet. As the age has now turned to the cycle of Aquarius, the Cosmic Intelligence of what can be called “Christ Consciousness” is taking on a new level of development on your planet. As you allow this frequency to evolve your system, new frequencies enter your awareness. These frequencies are only just now beginning to take form and evolve the the rest of your bodies and thus the reality and your perceptions of it. As your awareness of how to work with these frequencies moves forward, you will witness that everything you once knew begins to slowly fade or take on new form and shape. The basis of this new coding places unconditional love as the core central focus of interaction on your planet. As these frequencies begin too anchor further, it will evolve all aspects of life and lives systems on your planet.

Within your heart is what might be called a womb, by connecting with others a new level of co-creation with the other higher frequencies of the cosmos and all life can take place. How this looks and is experienced will be unique to each of you, and the possibilities, are unknown as this is a new level of the experiment within the cosmic orchestra.

These energetics are first being born and held within key individuals, and couples around the planet. As these couples and individuals begin to become more familiar with working with this new coding, this will further spread. These frequencies, templates, and expanding knowledge, wisdom and spices of their use around the world.

This heart womb space can also be used for interdimensional travel, through what you may call portals, or stargazes. This travel can be done individually, or as groups. By connecting and vibrating at a similar bandwidth, group travel, manifestation, or concretion will start to take on completely new dynamics.

This is possible due to a new more quantum and liquid like nature to the fabric of space time. There has been a release and processing of enough trauma on your planet to allow for purging of the more dense aspects of the reality to allow for vibration at these new levels. As you move forward, this will become more and more apparent.

By coming together as groups and couples, and tuning into the frequency of unconditional love. This synchronizes your will with that of the greater cosmic intelligence, this making manifestation or creation much more rapid. As long as this is the core seed of creation, almost anything will start to become effortless. This frequency and growing it together is the new basis of life and creation within the new system.

As previously stated, key coding at key junctures, times and locations have been set in place to release further developments. As we continue to monitor and work with and through uou in these transitions. These updates can and will shift in this living quantum system.

With Love,

The Founders.

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Friend and Clients Artistic Depiction Of New Heart Coding After Our Session @Harmonygraceart

I would like to add here my own personal notes about this new transmission. For all respective purposes, it is safe to say no one that is alive on this planet has ever experienced the transition to a new age before. Very literally, the entire purpose and directive is now totally new, the laws of space time are different. What does this mean? Well, we are just now learning that. Don’t be be surprised if many or all thing you thought you knew, or your path, or what motivated you just weeks ago totally change! I was recently talking to a client as we were further anchoring in these new template during a session. And I was sharing this… This is like all last year you were painting a picture, an amazing incredible and beautiful picture, which may have even been direct inspiration and channeling from source, creator as your divine purpose here. But now, all of a sudden, on your pallet appeared glowing paints that change colors that you have never before seen, or painted with, in fact, you don’t even fully understand how they work, when they change colors, or why, then as you dip your brush in the pain, you realize that they change based on your thoughts and mood! WOW, what else do they do you might wonder? You might get out a small test canvas to play around with them for some time, before diving back into the painting you were on before, that painting might totally change direction! This is what is happening now. Although the paint are layers of the reality that we are able to experience and work with in our heart brain, and in our solar plexus. And in this case, the canvas is this quantum universe. I have told people a number of times, the them of the Aquarian age, is CO-CREATION BASED ON BLISS. What this means is only just starting to be discovered.

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