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Embracing the New World

Many of us are just now coming out of phases where our creative energy, our life force, our sexual energy, our light, our magic, was trapped and being utilized to hold in place fallen timelines, false matrix timelines, and the agendas of lower dimensional beings and forces. As I have shared about in recent posts. The original angelic human was androgynous, and thus when the the genetics were altered and thus corrupted, there were splits both in individuals, and also with many divine twin pairs as well.

The way these splits can have manifested in our personal lives, are often by feeling shame, or having trauma around the opposite polarity of the physical vessel. For example Men feeling shame around their masculine ( thus attracting situations in our lives that drove us to feel the need to be more feminine as deeper in the genetic memory we were seeking to repair a split) or for women feeling shamed around their feminine (thus attracting situations that drove the need to be more masculine). There can be mixes or reverse in this as well. What is happening now in the etheric realms and aspects of being is the creation of something that has both brought back the androgynous aspects of being, but also with something new and even beyond this.

As we re activate these forgotten aspects of ourselves and our beings, its clear to me that there is somewhat of a hesitancy being moved through in the field as we fully reawaken these new levels of creative energy in big new ways. The analogy that comes to mind is something like this… Imagine if every time you walked out into a field, because there was a storm, you were almost struck by lighting, for years on end…. Then one day, the storm suddenly clears, the sunshine comes out, and the bird start chirping, as you walk out into the field, there is still this slight feeling of, is there going to be lighting? But deep down, as the Sun is shining, you know there will be no lighting.

Make sure to look within to ask, where are we still taking action and making choices based on fear, lack, shame, guilt, control, or programs that are no longer needed as we move into the new world….

The other thing that has been coming up in big ways since these new aspects of being come online is independence. Because these new levels of 5d and higher and aspects of being, and true co-creatorship with the Cosmos and Gaia are coming online, and new facets of the energy bodies with it, there is a feeling of a need to test the waters, and integrate these aspects of self becoming more sovereign. I have also seen in some clients however due to the healing of splits both in the genetics and twins, the need for healing around Sovereignty also coming in as as a trauma response. I have seen this both in relations to family, friends, lovers….. Hesitancy to truly connect in interdependent ways due to residual fear left around the pain of the original split.

The hesitancy is stemming from in the past where false love was offered as a control mechanism. This is not the new way, and has no place in the new system. What I find is key to this, is creating a safe protected space energetically internally where the magic of the inner child can grow and emerge safely, even though that inner magician is truly untouchable now, it can feel tender.

We are at a key juncture as I have shared in recent posts about this Full moon cycle, along with Uranus moving to the 2. It’s highly important to open up to the deepest levels of self love and self worth at this time, as a true child of God. If something feels uncomfortable, sit with it and move through it so the energy can be freed.

Remember, in this new world and way of being. The templates have changed, this means our hearts are operating differently, our sacral, our solar plexus. I have seen as I install new Merkaba templates (along with other integrations) into peoples systems. The new fuel that powers everything now is love…. This fuel is rapidly moving through all the cells of the being and re coding it to adjust to be powered by this new fuel. Follow the true unconditional love like its a radar homing device, as it will build and multiply exponentially and is that which will eletromagnetically attract all else which is needed from there. This is beyond any other navigation or system (ie Human Design, Astrology, Tarot etc), because this reality has never existed in this way before, and is mutating beyond what could ever be predicted or foreseen, it is mutating the systems themselves.

This way, as we co create in this new way, we are truly channeling our creative energy (which is love) into that which is truly and deeply heart fulfilling, because we know we are worth all our heart and soul wishes for, in every area of life. . So we can also truly recognize the gifts that are being delivered and offered to us at this time when they do show up as we are asking for and calling in.



Note: Deep Gratitude Original Artist For Image Unknown Please Feel Free To Reach Out If You Know, Or Are The Artist I would Love to Credit You

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