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DNA / Timeline / Cymatic Upgrades: Channelings From The Hathor Collective

Back in March of this year, I was welcomed into a Multidimensional Collective known as the Collective of the Phoenix. A Covenant includes many galactic founders councils of many species, Collective Memory complexes (including that known as RA from the Law of One Materials) spans galaxies, dimensions, universes and other things beyond my current levels of comprehension.

I will spare a deep explanation of this council in this post as I have gotten deep into it in podcasts that have already been released. But the summery is that this collective has made a covenant that unites the vast intelligence of these many high level races, beings, celestial bodies, things we know as gods, etc. The way they have united is through the Human Genome (DNA).

One of the Collectives in this Phoenix collective is known as the Hathor Collective. Which is an evolved version of what some have once called the Goddess Hathor. This Collective is one of the most advanced within this Phoenix Collective that is at a level that can still communicate with Humans in a way in which is intelligible to us.

In particular the Hathor collective has a part to play in the functioning of light and sound, and the evolution of that which is light and sound where ever light and sound exist. This collective also has an intimate connection with how the human pineal glad works, and particular connections with the Pleiades Star system. I have received a number of transmissions / initiations that involved the Hathors since my initial awareness of them in March. Lately they have been very active in communicating with me. This is a recent communication which they intended me to share. Because this is a channeled message, take it as such, if it resonates with you beautiful, if not, that’s beautiful too.

If and when more of these come through I will continue to share.

We have been working diligently with the other councils and founder races to imprint your planet with a new language to be accepted into both the personal and planetary DNA. Your planet Gaia is receiving new coding from Galactic Center. This code contains a time release series of messages and upgrades from your own Galactic Family lineages, if you choose to accept them and allow the process to evolve you into new layers of multidimensional reality. There will be new ways sound and light become available to work with in your bodies. Going out into nature to receive these codes more intentionally, singing into water, and breathing light into your auric fields by seeing it do so in your minds eye. Allow these codes to feel their way into your bones and then allow them to play like a song into your new lives. These codes are alive, so learn to play with them and watch your world transform as you become co-ceators with higher density thought forms and feeling forms.

There is a bridge of rainbow light forming between your mind and your other sense organs, and each must learn a language that allows for these faculties to awaken and com online. Please give time and space understanding that these new faculties need new food that you cannot receive with the current senses, these foods must be partaken of through these new types of senses which will now nourish new bodies that can operate, build, and perform function in these new layers of your reality.

⁃ The Hathors.

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