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Hardly anyone knows this, except for those closest to me since I haven’t been public about it on social media. But a couple months ago, about a week before this whole #Covid thing really kicked off, I was in car accident and am lucky to be alive.

…..I remember riding down the ray of light into this current human form. I remember most of my childhood. My first spiritual initiation I can remember was a copy of #CarlosCasteneda’s, “A Fire from within.” Materializing into form on my Grandmothers book shelf. This ignited my soul’s thirst to understand this world, this life, who I was And why I was here. Now, 35 years old, I had spent the last 30 years or so learning so much about so many things… all so I would be able to flush it all away, and truly remember What I had forgot……

I had been working for months on a new project, a full length electronic music album that would be accompanied by an immersive visual experience. Spirit however had a different plan.

My injuries were according to the modern medical establishment not”serious”, but I will say that I are only alive due to divine / angelic forces (something I am not unfamiliar with at this age).

Without getting too much into the eerie and syncromystic details of the accident itself. I am writing now because of everything that has happened to me after this. Gratefully I received an incredible gift from a kind soul, an extremely gifted healer Sara Eaglewoman (from a line of Apache / #Toltec healers) did a soul grid reconstruction on me. One of the most profound experiences of my life at that time… A total rebirth and baptism.

I had always been energy sensitive as far back as I can remember, but what I had forgot, was just how energy sensitive. In this session we had determined that due to the unique construction of my nervous system and psyche I had been taking OTHERS (woven like web mixed into my own) trauma, programming and conditioning into my auric body and storing it there. 35 years of build up of dense stagnant energy mostly from people I had connected with, with mine stacked like random sheets of paper somewhere in-between.

So with some help from her guides and elders, Sarah wiped the slate clean tuning into my specific prayers. At the end of the session, she looks up and says, you know there are two Gods and an ascended master with you.

Keep in mind, at this point, due to my study of Human Design, I had a totally different perspective on what Gods and Ascended Masters even were, so needless to say, I was a bit stunned at this statement.

She told me, now that your field is clear, there is room for this Spiritual Avatar to come into your body. Give yourself lots of time and space for healing, this will be a lot to integrate. You need to stay out of your rational mind as much as possible.

Stepping up from the table, its as if I was floating! I could feel my whole aura so free and clear finally. So much density lifted from me.

It was right after this session that the #Corona Virus hype started. I proceeded to keep to myself, for the most part over the next couple days. I was so sensitive to everything energy, food, light, sound…

After Day two or three, as the Virus stuff was now so big, I picked up my phone to check on some friends, and messages. Someone had messaged me. The moment I opened the message, I felt something come into my field, like a heavy stagnant dense energy in my right side, in my chest. I had never experienced #psychic spiritual gifts on this level before. With this ability to tune into the other persons electromagnetic field. Thankfully Eaglewomen and one of my Guides came into my field psychically to inform me what was going on and how to work with these new abilities. I transmuted the trauma / density into a higher vibrational plasma and received the vision and clarity of what it was related to.

This was part of the Eagle medicine I now carried, a vision from high up within the planes of energy, the light and discernment to see what is no longer needed, and the ability to dive into the density, and then digest and transmute it, while also bringing the light of understanding surrounding the core issue.

I could feel it deeply within my being, that doing this work with others was very much a major part of what I am here to do, and specifically very needed at this time. That this whole series of events happening right now is a gift and an opportunity for myself and many others.

From there things escalate into something very much out of a kind of fantasy movie of sorts….

As I would just talk to people or be near them, the root of their pain, trauma, or programming would be presented to me with almost a visual and visceral clarity, sometimes viscerally experienced within my own body. But they taught me how to navigate the experiences, how to transmuted it, and each time I did, I would watch as the Quantum would shift, the whole reality itself I was experiencing was on a totally new trajectory and time line…

A certain period of events that unfolded after this a large chunk of which I have been guided and asked to not share on social media for they contain a sort of special energetic transmission much like an oral tradition empowerment in certain esoteric schools. If you feel called to receive this transmission please reach out to me and we can potentially arrange something…

What I can share in coming posts, podcasts and the like are key themes that it involves. Moving stuck density and stuck souls from key Native American civil war battle sites and other #earthgridpowerpoint, #Atlantis and #Lemuria, Inter-dimensional “Intelligences”, #Timelinejumping, Spiritual Initiations and the like.

Then After the series of events, I landed back in Asheville (Ashlantis) North Carolina where I am now.

If you wish to connect deeper about what has been happening recently, discuss details of a personal session, or something else feel free to connect directly and we can go from there.

Otherwise stay tuned for the next post

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