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Astral Waters Run Deep

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The transformations over the past months have been deep, profound, confusing, unexpected, Exciting, heart expanding… Bringing myself and many I have spoken with to some of the highest and most profound heights, and also into some of the deepest, and darkest lows.

As we stepped into the fullness of the Aquarian age with the Star of Bethlehem Great Conjunction December 21st of 2021 the beginnings of the Birth of the New 5d Aquarian Sophia Christ was ignited in the planetary grid and collective consciousness. Planted from the heights of the Great Central Sun, into the Depths of Sophia's Womb. Many of you (similar to myself) may have been experiencing extreme incredible, intense, electrical, Galactic 5D and higher initiations with so much energy that has been in Aquarius in recent months.

Connection to higher / inner-dimensional intelligence's, galactic Et’s / gods / goddesses, the beginnings of your personal integration of 5d and higher avatar identities, galactic lineages, and much more.

In the past few weeks, there has been quite a shift from so much of this extremely heightened Cosmic electrical activation.

Like any child after birth, there are many new phases and stages of Development. This great merging of Humanity into a Galactic race is only just beginning in its great work. What we are being asked to see, and being shown at this moment. Is the true value of being HUMAN. As the descendants of the lineages from the Cosmos aka Heaven. We have in our blood the memories of falling from heaven, falling from “Grace”. What many don’t remember, is HUMANS have always been the CURE… Your Human-ess is the answer, not the problem.

Or maybe its both

What is the true purpose of Children? The evolution of the linage. On a Soul level, when we decide to have a Child, in essence, there is a decision made, that says, certain aspects of the lineages evolution, cannot be completed fully within the Genetic make up of the parents alone. The lineages are then spliced together, so that the new unique individual can come together to resolve and evolve these things for the collective organism.

This is why Humans were created on a Cosmic level. To resolve and evolve the issues of the Gods / Aliens…

This is why Christ was the Son of “God” aka Source and also the Son of “Man” Suffering Now we have incarnating on this planet, the Feminine portion of the Christ to meet the already planted Masculine aspect. Sophia Christ, is the Collective Christ. The Sons and Daughters of Source / Creator, and the Sons / Daughters of the Womb-Man.

The secret gift / cure of being Human comes from our Compassion.

Aka. Our Multidimensional nature and the the way we experience Suffering.

Compassion comes from the ability to experience Suffering, while still staying fully connected to the Sovereign Clear light void of Source creator within. This is the true essence of Christ Consciousness. As each layer and piece of density is fully felt, we then as a unique point / source of Creator, love that fallen angel / angle of self back into the wholeness of God Source.

The Avatars we are birthing in this new Sophia Christ consciousness have never before existed in this way. They are a totally new thing.

As we step more fully into these Galactic 5d and beyond identities we are learning to navigate the Cosmic Womb / Astral Waters. In order to do this, we must also process any and all traumas in our linage associated with being in the womb waters, or pre-womb.

We are going from 3d which has very dense thick walls and wounds keeping the illusion of separation and the veil very solid seeming, too 5d and higher.

This means as we the individual cells within this collective organism. Must process/ digest the density of the cell walls that have been keeping us locked into denser realities. As we process and digest these traumas, those heavy energies are transmuted into our less dense new bodies. Literally like Caterpillars digest cocoons into their new butterfly bodies.

In this deep womb waters process, you will not be doing this work in the mind, although the new faculties of the Cosmic Mind you have been developing may assist in directing energy in this process at points, your old smaller mind will not be able to “figure it out” in fact, because that old self is dying, it must just surrender as it often holds on for dear life in the deep waters. This all must be surrendered too and felt, in all of its mentally confusing layers and levels. If you don’t understand, just allow, and feel deeper, let go, see the energy releasing and float, allowing the expansion to occur into places behind and beyond where the fear holds you locked into old ways.

Note: Deep Gratitude Original Artist For Image Unknown Please Feel Free To Reach Out If You Know, Or Are The Artist I would Love to Credit You

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