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Astara Inrstelr and The New Republic Alliance

Astara Inrstelr Update.

So although it has been going on now for sometime, I am just now getting the space and hearing the call to make this announcement on this page.

Astara Inrstelr

First and foremost I would like to share about Astara Inrstelr. Over the past year, there have a number of awakenings, Activation's, and remembrances of my connection to the consciousness and lineages of Astara.

This is an ancient linage with roots in Atlantis, and going back even further to Lyra / Sirius and the Lyran Founders in which I have also remembered my connection to / past / concurrent life. Much of the Astara linage remembrance specifically connects to initiations, practices, and organic technologies of Hieros Gamoes, along with the Krystic Linages and 48 strand Diamond Sun, Dragon, Lion, Emerald, Gold and Amethyst, orders of Ophanim, Seraphim, and other higher dimensional beings. It came through to take the name of Astara Inrstelr to carry a certain vibration of guidance , information and energy work in this collective Sophia Christos awakening I agreed to be part of as part of my mission.

This has also come along with new writings, and ceremonies / activation's for the collective which I am currently offering through a new alliance with Mystical Illuminations and Clear Sight Consulting.

Mystical Illuminations and Clear Sight Consulting

Thanks to my good friend Michael aka The Peace Dealer, I have teamed up with Clear Sight Consulting and Mystical Illuminations. Clear Sight Consulting is a Consulting Agency with a Spiritual Flavor. It aims to tap into the Aquarian power of a Collective working towards a common goal, to get talented guides and leaders connected to those that are looking for them. While I am continuing to post and offer my sessions, and various content here on Inrstelr, Facebook, Instagram and other channels. I have been getting into this new Aquarian age Vibe and posting a lot of exclusive content with Mystical Illuminations.

I have created a couple new sections on the website here to link to both a curated Youtube Playlist that will constantly update the mew videos I upload to Mystical Illuminations Youtube, Along with a new section for collective activation downloads, that links to Clear Sight.

I highly recommend following the Clear Sight Facebook, Mystical Illuminations Instagram, Youtube, and getting the news letter if you want to stay up on all the exclusive content from myself and other great family on the team.

Just to make it simple, here are the links to the playlist and all the channels in which you can connect to us on. I also have many other awesome new developments, alliances, and projects coming as we move throughout the rest of this year, so make sure to keep a third eye out.

Activation Link

One on one




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