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�Many have been going wild about the recent #Schumann Glitch / Blackout, and I will share what I can of what’s has been revealed to me from the higher ups (you probably won’t really find this info anywhere else).


- Schumann / Heart Math Blackout / Glitch and its relation to: - #LionsGate - #Astrology - #Gaian / Human Evolution - Organic Vs Ai #Ascension / Upgrades - Elon Musk AI Chip - #Atlantean Timelines - #Activation Of The Priests and #PriestessesOfAstara - #Alchemical Weddings / Cosmic Relationships - #GalacticEvolution

I will admit, my initial feeling after getting into my day yesterday after this full moon was that “something was wrong”. The evening before was like I was floating on a 5D Cloud, making sense of past life timelines, but also deeply connecting to realms of the heart space and feeling into new places of healing within my emotional body. After getting out of bed, it felt like some sort of purgatory, frustration around every corner, I could just tell that something was off. I intuitively checked the Schumann meter only to discover this Glitch going on, it wasn’t a good feeling I got, but I also had a distinct feeling that there was something I needed to “do” about it, and it would end up shifting into something amazing. I followed the intuitive golden thread and as usual I all was revealed.

What did you experience on the full moon and days before and after?

Now for some back story….

Back around the Lions Gate on 8.8 this year I posted about how the Lions Gate would be extended up until the Full Moon in Pisces. Many were surprised to see it extending into September, but the Sequence was shown to me like this. Aquarius Full Moon August 3rd Gate Opens (Uranus Seed Ripe) > 8.8 Gaia Opens The Gate Fully > Leo New Moon (Seed Planted Through Gate Opening) > Piscean Full Moon ( Uranian / Solar Seed Planted)

This Full Moon Happened On The 37.5 Opposed The Sun on the 40.5. The channel of #heirosgamos (The Alchemical Wedding) with the Moon SEXtile Uranus (In Taurus) We are in the Epoch- Ellipse (Turning of the Age). Moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of #Aquarius (Ruled by Uranus).

Since the last turning, this dimension has been limited and defined by Saturn - 7th Planet if you include the destroyed one (7 Chakras Housed In the Saturnian Physical Body). Some call this limitation 3D due to its relationship to the CUBE. In the Myths…. Saturn (Known in Gnostic Circles as Yaldebeoh) had “castrated” his father Uranus (ruler of the heavens). This has all been a planetary in-CUBE-ation. The pressure of 3D to create the necessary pressure to catalyze the awakening of the Phoenix within the human genome. The return of “christ” after the crucifiction (a cube makes a cross if you unfold it see below).

This Castration spoken of in the myths is really a metaphor for the Electrical Plasma (Sexual Masculine Force That Impregnates And Gives Life) being cut off, a certain spectrum or bandwidth of energy not being able to fully fertilize the womb we are in.

On January 12th of this year, we had the massive Pluto and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. This opened the first seal (the force that was castrating / cutting off the energy). #Covid19 was a planetary genetic response to the mutations of this seal opening why? The energy starting to come in will only get stronger, those who’s bodies aren’t able to handle what is being revealed are leaving (we are all just cells within #Gaia's body).

#Pluto holds the keys to power and initiates the true deep and long lasting shifts within the genome, this conjunction was on the 61st Gate (the veil of the great mystery in the #Pineal Gland). This conjunction initiated the sequence of ending this level of Saturn's control by starting the sequential break down of the seals / veils.

That all being said, the Party (Epoch-Ellipse) is just getting started here (grab your popcorn folks).

The last age turning we saw the Atlantean Flood / Deluge / Catastrophe (Neptune Ruler of the Sea and The Piscean Age that was being brought in) came in with a flood with his rulership.

What was the Atlantan Catastrophe? The Castration (The Division of the Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain) Aka #Atlantis and #Lemuria.

This is when the the Ajna / #ThirdEye / NEO-Cortex came online as the primary organ for cognition. The developing brain of the evolving human species could not handle the Psychic Flood of energy pouring in from the higher dimensions. A new energy center had to start developing to be able to fully house the higher capacities and functions of consciousness. This new energy center is the Solar Plexus.

In 1776 the Uranian Body (9 Centers Housed Within the Physical Body) Sequence was initiated, not to be fully fulfilled until 2027.

The SOLAR Plexus = astral plane / spirit consciousness / emotional cognition. It is through the #HeartMind / Gut Brain that this type of (ascended 5D + astral / higher dimensional cognition happens.

SOLAR = Electrical / Plasma / Emotional / Astral / Uranian

This center would slowly come online via genetic mutations over time. The Conjunction in January of this year initiated the 7 Year Cellular Mutation Process within Gaia's Body and this in our individual bodies as well.

The Aquarius Full Moon August 3rd was on the 19th Gate. The gate of Codependance / Interdependence and Sacrifice. This was the final fulfillment of the previous Christic Sacrifice that was made when Humanity was placed in the Cube / Prism / “Prison” of Saturn.

This is why the Piscean age was based around Sacrifice… most notably Blood Sacrifice. We see evidence of this in many of the old ways and traditions around the world with varying degrees, from simply sacrificing one's own blood / moon blood / blood sweat and tears to offering meat on altars, to some of the more horrific blood rituals we see coming out in the not so mainstream media.

This covenant has been fulfilled now thanks to the #Christic force going through its time within the Cube. Time to move on to the Aquarian Age as we discover the true interdependence of life on earth, and with the Cosmos, along with our direct connection to our own divinity, without the need of an external religion (byproduct Saturnian energy cutting off direct connection to heaven to maintain control of sexual energy / christ / #kundalini). Next we have the full gate opening on 8.8.2020 = Numerology 2 = The HIEROS GAMOS / Divine Union / Alchemical Wedding process begins.

The Earth / Pyramid of Giza alignment with the Star #Sirius. The LIONS originally come from The Lyran Star system and were one of the main founder races. This Lions Gate the Moon Squared