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As we continue to transition into the Aquarian age, our bodies continue to transition along with things, from a deeper point of Gnosis, the reality changes BECAUSE our bodies are changing. Like moving from a Tube based TV set, to an LCD Plasma Set, our bodies are the crystals, hardware, and receivers that help to create he world we each live in.

Changes take place from Galactic Center and Central Sun, new frequencies emerge, thus changing frequencies coming from our Sun, which creates fluctuations in the Shumman Resonance. Our bodies are mutating to be able to now interpret information from a larger bandwidth of cosmic and earthly electromagnetic spectrums.

With these often drastic shifts and changes within the body, we can experience what some call “ascension symptoms”, these shifts can trigger, pain, headaches, viruses, anxiety, and all sorts of other things as the body adjusts.

In addition to this, we also have similar things that happen normally as a part of working with Internal Alchemy, Hieros Gamos, and other Spiritual Practices that are also being remembered as we enter the Aquarian age, developments in Psychic / Tele-Empathic Faculties, Astral Travel, and the like.

I share this information based on personal experiences and things going on within my own body system.

I have been asked on a number of occasions to share things that have assisted me in this process. Thanks to understanding systems like Primary Health System from the Human Design System, I am very aware that my system is extremely unique, in the 2% range of unique, everyone's body needs very different foods, supplements, different conditions to properly receive their needs. My system specifically works best with Liquid foods of a cooler temperature for example.

That being said, I have received the message a number of times now to compile a growing list of products, brands, and other tools that have or do assist me in these shifts. I will state, most all of these I receive nothing for sharing or supporting, the ones I may receive a small % for sharing I am transparent about, and only do so because I feel in integrity about the product and those behind it, and personally am resonant with models where those who pass along a product or service can receive some small assistance from putting their credibility behind a product.

This list will continue to be updated as I move along. Currently this list contains only products and services, I will also update in the future with practices and other tools as well.

This list is not in any way intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any medical conditions.

Stamet’s 7 Mushroom Blend

- Somewhat of a Pancea, Immune System Rocket Fuel, Top Level Antibiotic and Anti Viral


- Top Level Herbal Antibiotic (I collect from local trees)

Siddhi Energetics Chulen

- Deep Chi and Revitalization

Mega Foods Tumeric Strength

- Soreness, Nervous System, Joints, Most Effective Of Tumeric Supplements I Have found

Vitamin Code Raw Zinc

- Immune System, All Things Zinc, Most Effective Food Sourced I Have Found

Shilijit (Pure Himilayan Dry Drops
- I have tried many kinds over the years, this one seems to be the best for the price.

Physicians Source or Enzymedica Probiotics

- Best Source I Have Found, Gut Health = Brain Health

Gaia Herbs Holy Basil and Ashwaganda

- Nervous System, Stress, Ascension, Ascension Stress Recovery, Epigenetic DNA Support

New Phoenix Rising Spirulina

- One of natures most powerful foods on many levels, Best Source From God Father Of Spirulina

Well Labs 4000mg Lions Mane

- Brain, Nervous System, and Gut Neuro-genesis High Dose, Instant Boost

Heiltrophen Zeolite

- Heavy Metal Detoxing, Quality Source

Circle Of Friends and Family Products

Any Purium Products My Favorites (For those that well with Liquid Complex Diets)
Green Spectrum and Super Meal , Liquid Zeolite

Black Oxygen Organic Minerals / Fulvic / Detox
Best mineral source!

X 39 Patch / Life Wave Patches

- Frequency Phototherapy Technology to increase stem cell production, total body revitalization, immune system, energy levels, nervous system repair, DNA repair (

This product I am a distributor for as it has made such a massive difference in my process that I felt compelled to really support this new technology, feel free to reach out to me for more information.

For Discovery Of Your Human Design PHS Health Style


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