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Stewards of the New Earth



Many beings on this planet right now, are in the process of awakening and developing their seemingly “Superhuman” like gifts at this time. Going through a grand remembering of who and what they were before they came into this current form,  while simultaneously evolving into new heights and Soul Growth, due to of the process they have agreed to go through with Gaia, the Collective, and The Cosmos at this time. 


Terms like Healer, Energy worker, Activator, Bridge Builder, Coach, Guide, Facilitator, Body Worker, Space Holder, even “Shaman” come to mind… 


With this awakening and activation process, comes development of various layers of the energy body… like any body, emotional, mental, physical, these new layers of the energy body must be attuned to, worked with, developed, refined…and all these layers must begin to work in synergy and harmony. 


Use of these new layers of the body can come with multidimensional senses, heightened sensitivity, psychic, empathic, intuitive perceptions,  that may present challenges, unseen blocks can come in a long the path. 


Life style changes, relationships, business, and new ways of operating in the world while adjusting to these developments can also come with blocks and challenges. 


Like any developmental process, having someone with other tools, senses, and frameworks, that has lived and operated deeply immersed to support and guide one through advancement, can often take one further than trying to do it all on ones own. 


Many that feel called to do this program may already be advanced healers and energy workers that want to really bring things to the next stages feeling like they have hit a plateau, while others may just be getting into these aspects of self. 


For those that feel called, and are clearly a good fit on both sides, I offer a One on One Mentorship program. Each person on this path, is totally unique, so this program is based around your needs, development, and where you are at, while simultaneously attuning to what can bring you to the next levels that your Higehest and Best self is calling in at this time. 


The Mentorship is a minimum 3 month commitment, while first going through a minimum of a 3 Session One on One Package found at this link for both of us to asses and attune to our synergy and alignment with one another. 


Each month will have 4 one hour calls that are continued energy sessions, attunement and anchoring of new coding, frameworks, integration, and embodiment, this includes support in between, and possible assignments, practices and other tools based on what comes in as being most important for your unique process. 


If you feel called to this work, please message me directly via the contact below. Honored to hear from you! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

82eight-424-6241(text only)

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