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What is the morphogenetic field? 


The morphogentic field is essentially a fancy term for the many layers of our aura / energy body that manifests through the blueprint of our genetics. 


Our bodies (from subtle to dense) are like an egg, or a cocoon. The original intention of which is to grow and produce a plasma body. The plasma body is a body that exists on many dimensional levels, and is able to travel through time, innerdimensional space, jump in and out of alternate timelines, and exist as a sovereign cocreator of reality.


Thanks to studies around epigenetics (another fancy science term you can research) it has now been accepted that these systems are programmable and respond to thought, emotion, intention, plants, the environment and more...


Trauma, programming, and conditioning creates pockets of density within our morphogenetic field aka (aura,biofield,energy body). This condenses and gets stored in our nervous system and subconscious mind. This density can manifest in your life in a number of ways. 

  • Physical Dis - Ease

  • Emotional Disturbances

  • Psychic Disturbances

  • Mental Imbalances

  • Spiritual “attacks”

  • Energy “Vampires”

  • Psychospirtual Entities

  • Demons, Aliens, etc

  • Money Issues

  • "Karmic" Patterns

  • Repeated Relationship Issues

  • Many more...


In the sessions I utilize my already highly developed plasma body to interface and interact with your aura. Allowing my energy field to travel down into your nervous system, subconscious mind, genetic systems and the like. In this process I am guided to places where density (trauma, programming etc) exists and wish to become converted into free flowing available plasma.

This process is very much like how when a caterpillar goes into a cocoon, it eventually reaches a place where it digests its own body (trauma density) and converts it into that of a butterfly(plasma body).

Because you are totally unique, as are your needs. Each case is totally unique. This work can be done both personally and remotely. During the session I am guided into exactly what needs to be done with you at that time. Experiences can include psychic emotional experiences on your part. Oftentimes I am guided to bring understanding and awareness to what comes up. Most times I directly experience the density that wants to be transmuted at the time. Most people experience the most profound effects in days after. Because all of our bodies systems are an interwoven ecosystem, these sessions can have a domino effect, allowing the root of many issues to be addressed so that the other pieces can then unfold more naturally. Which can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual shifts as new possibilities and timelines become available to you. The direct session can last from 1 - 3 hours, I often continue to work with the person energetically for 24 - 72 hours after. I take a certain level of responsibility for my clients from the session on, where I am always energetically available for assistance and integration. However my goal is always to jump start this process for you, then putting the keys in your hand as the sovereign you truly are. 

Disclaimer: This process is not intended to prevent, diagnose or cure any medical disease.


  • Improved Health and Well Being

  • Freedom From Being “Stuck” In Problematic Issues

  • Freedom from ancestral trauma / karma

  • Genetic Upgrades

  • Alternate Timeline Memories

  • Remembering Purpose

  • Freedom From Past / Alternate Life Issues

  • Activation Of Latent “Super” Human Abilities 

  • Starseed Activations

  • Ascension Experiences 

And More...


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